Being single-minded can lead to loneliness, or just a solitary trajectory through the jungle, stopping off to see friends and loved ones from time to time. Without beneficial cosmic guardian spirits paying close attention, you will be left to pad quietly wherever your whiskers direct. Follow along and enjoy a year with minimal interruptions, but with enough space for you to lick any wounds from last year and plan your prey for the next.

Water Tiger:
01 Feb 2022 – 21 Jan 2023
05 Feb 1962 – 24 Jan 1963
Metal Tiger:
14 Feb 2010 – 02 Feb 2011
17 Feb 1950 – 05 Feb 1951
Earth Tiger:
28 Jan 1998 – 15 Feb 1999
31 Jan 1938 – 18 Feb 1939
Fire Tiger:
09 Feb 1986 – 28 Jan 1987
13 Feb 1926 – 01 Feb 1927
Wood Tiger:
23 Jan 1974 – 10 Feb 1975
26 Jan 1914 – 13 Feb 1915

Fortune direction:


Augmenting your fortune:

Treasure bowls

Lucky colours:


Bright green


Back to the jungle diet, and we know you like your meat rare. Sashimi might be part of the answer, and perhaps the odd carrot or two in honour of the Rabbit, who after all is in some ways just the declawed and shrunken version of yourself. If you are telling yourself the health story, remember that you only have one tale. Rest up and tell it properly.


Better possibilities in this sector for the year - it should at least be stable. If you are getting too frustrated by a lack of progress, then take yourself out to a shopping maul. Projects may run into unexpected feelings, and may not move at the speed you desire. Partnerships are well aspected, so do not be surprised if much of the year is spent planning.


With the Salty Pond Peach Blossom Star visiting and Tai Sui still bringing its influence in the first part of spring, the year may begin just as changeable as the last. The star certainly carries strong emotion, but it also lets it go at the same rate. Getting away during this period and linking up with friends will dissipate some of that stale greyness. Get yourself up and out; if you are well-dressed, you will be a dandy-lion.


The Sudden Breakthrough Star is visiting and the name may well ring true. Opportunities to raise your level of responsibility or add another line or two to your name card are clear enough, and you will have done enough to earn your stripes to catch them. It is unclear if the financial rewards that should come with these advances will materialise, or whether the stars are just playing cat and mouse with you.

Guiding hexagram from the Yi-Jing (Book of Changes)

Youthful Folly has success. It is not I who seeks the young fool; the young fool seeks me. At the first oracle I inform him. If he asks two or three times, it is importunity. If he importunes, I give him no information. Perseverance furthers.
A spring wells up at the foot of the mountain: the image of Youth. Thus the superior man fosters his character by thoroughness in all that he does.
The Forest of Changes:
What plant is not faded? If not yet completely wilted. Husband and wife are separated, melancholy are their hearts.
Patience may or may not be a virtue, but it will keep you on the straight and narrow this year. However, too much of it will dampen your spirits and leave you feeling washed out. Maintain civility, but note the comment above regarding those who importune you. Fading and wilting are not part of your composition, so do not import them.