Sadly, the salad days are not here again. While some of the stars want to honour you this year, keep in mind that a pack of homeless wolves would also gather around a camp fire and say "we honour the morsel we are about to devour". Happily, the rabbit’s foot attached to you will serve you well until the summer - keep it active and carry on. When autumn starts, the stars might rabbit-punch you; turn your back and tell them to rump off.

Water Rabbit:
22 Jan 2023 – 09 Feb 2024
25 Jan 1963 – 12 Feb 1964
Metal Rabbit:
03 Feb 2011 – 22 Jan 2012
06 Feb 1951 – 26 Jan 1952
Earth Rabbit:
16 Feb 1999 – 04 Feb 2000
19 Feb 1939 – 07 Feb 1940
Fire Rabbit:
29 Jan 1987 – 16 Feb 1988
02 Feb 1927 – 22 Jan 1928
Wood Rabbit:
11 Feb 1975 – 30 Jan 1976
14 Feb 1915 – 02 Feb 1916

Fortune direction:


Augmenting your fortune:

Spherical celadon vases

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Rabbits are prone to viruses and other conditions, even if their teeth never stop growing. Keep your tail fluffed and clean, and remember that spots and lesions is not the name of a new nightclub but the beginning of a list of what happens to cottontails who do not eat their greens. Decontaminate your environment and you will scrape by with the hare on your chin.


No gambolling for you as the wheel of fortune is likely to hare off with your paycheck and squander your hard-earned greens; you will have to keep a cap-on your expenses. A good year to stop and smell the roses, take some time out to make sure your chest is not getting muzzled. Your regular diet of celery should be stable at least, but we warn you that the nibbles you have on the side will make you as mad as a March Hare if you go about madly in March.


According to a Chinese saying, you will catch nothing if you chase two rabbits. But even if you are only pursuing one cottontail, you might not win his or her heart. If you find yourself in a rabbit trap, then run. The year is not well-aspected for rubbing cute noses together. Good friendships may thrive, but if you push them too far you might find yourself as just some bunny that they used to know.


Despite having Tai Sui bearing down on your hutch, you are well placed in this sector. Both the Cultural Flourishing and the General Stars are on your flank. The former offers assistance with tests and further knowledge, while the latter indicates either the possibility of promotion or the assistance of a superior. Time to saddle up, hock your old clothes and cotton-on to the opportunities that present themselves.

Guiding hexagram from the Yi-Jing (Book of Changes)

Keeping Still. Keeping his back so still that he no longer feels his body, he goes into his courtyard and does not see his people. No blame.
Mountains standing close together: the image of Keeping Still. Thus, the superior man does not permit his thoughts to go beyond his situation.
The Forest of Changes:
Ice will freeze around the oriole, pitiable and melancholy. No grain in sight, just pigweed and asterids. Repeatedly startled by raptors, one’s heart is so sad!
Should you return to a place or situation that was once important to you, it may now be empty. In that stillness, if you go about with your head down, those who know you will say your heart is sad. Those who do not know you will say you are seeking something. Shadows may be clouds or danger, and you will need to be clear on the difference.