Rabbit years usually bring you a clear lack of friction. No one will be thinking of sending you to the slaughterhouse for anything. If you stay in your present hamlet, you will find few interruptions as the usual nosey porkers will not trouble you. Similarly, as you should be free of piggyback duties except for those close to you, your options are to settle for watching the film Groundhog Day over and over, or spend a little more time and thought on plans for the coming years.

Earth Pig:
05 Feb 2019 – 24 Jan 2020
08 Feb 1959 – 27 Jan 1960
Fire Pig:
18 Feb 2007 – 06 Feb 2008
22 Jan 1947 – 09 Feb 1948
Wood Pig:
31 Jan 1995 – 18 Feb 1996
04 Feb 1935 – 23 Jan 1936
Water Pig:
13 Feb 1983 – 01 Feb 1984
16 Feb 1923 – 04 Feb 1924
Metal Pig:
27 Jan 1971 – 14 Feb 1972
30 Jan 1911 – 17 Feb 1912

Fortune direction:


Augmenting your fortune:

Lucky bamboo

Lucky colours:

Deep blue



Health could be a little streaky this year. Not so much with direct accidents, but more from the seeds that are sown in other parts of your life. Stresses at work or with the family might have you reaching for some daily ointments and ham sanitisers. You might also be moving around more than usual this year; precautions will make sure there is no twist in the tale.


The rump of last year might linger in the cosmos long enough to stifle any prospective profits early in the year. Even when that departs, you will still not have any heavenly assistance. However, you also have no cosmic enemies wanting to purloin your savings. Gains made at work may disappear in other expenses and there is not much you can do about it. Wherever you place a steak, you will find it medium well, though perhaps with no sauce on top.


Your heart and love life will continue on into the Rabbit year in much the same shape that they left the Tiger year. If you are seeking a new connection, then travel is well-aspected to fill up another part of your life. If already settled, Pigs should not boar their loved ones, or go breaking their hearts. It should be a good year to remain steady.


After the glorious opportunities that should have been there last year, this might be a good time to take stock, put your hocks up and wallow in your present position. No stars are pushing you away, but they are not offering much either - your direct connection to the stars and all fine things might have a little bit of crackling on the line this year. No need to hog the limelight or tell any porkers, the stars are all happy to have you where you are.

Guiding hexagram from the Yi-Jing (Book of Changes)

Abundance has success. The king attains abundance. Be not sad. Be like the sun at midday.
Both thunder and lightning come: the image of Abundance. The superior man decides lawsuits and carries out punishments.
The Forest of Changes:
Frost comes early and snow comes late, winter crops such as wheat are wasted. All that labour for nothing, and with nothing to eat hunger will come.
It will be back office work this year - tidy up the account books and place old photographs in their appropriate folders. You already have a sufficient amount of what you have been seeking recently. Draw breath. Do not rush headlong into new and time-consuming projects as they will bear no fruit. Plan them as you will, but hold off on the execution.