This will be more of a year to ruminate and plan for the future rather than one to have all your strength devoted to pulling the yoke. While you may be a bull-dozer from time to time, it might be better to put yourself in neutral and doze lightly while making plans. There may be a catalogue of small frustrations coming your way and there is no point butchering your present advantages. Steer yourself to calmer waters or fate might kick you like a mule.

Metal Ox:
12 Feb 2021 – 31 Jan 2022
15 Feb 1961 – 04 Feb 1962
Earth Ox:
26 Jan 2009 – 13 Feb 2010
29 Jan 1949 – 16 Feb 1950
Fire Ox:
07 Feb 1997 – 27 Jan 1998
11 Feb 1937 – 30 Jan 1938
Wood Ox:
20 Feb 1985 – 08 Feb 1986
25 Jan 1925 – 12 Feb 1926
Water Ox:
03 Feb 1973 – 22 Jan 1974
06 Feb 1913 – 25 Jan 1914

Fortune direction:


Augmenting your fortune:

Desk lamps

Lucky colours:

Pale yellow


Did your parents ever tell you the parable about the Ox who went outside the grazing grounds? It concerns everything you have to worry about this year - being in unexpected or foreign places and having an accident. Otherwise, the usual guidelines for bovine health apply: do not stay up pasture bedtime, avoid too much stress, go to a movie or museum, relax and put your mind elsewhere. And if you do need any medicine, then visit the farmacy.


You may not be getting on the city’s rich list, but there are opportunities and you should milk them for all they are worth. Somewhere out there past the moon is the Milky Way, where every Ox should feel at home and be their own cash cow. Unfortunately, this is not you this year. You will need to work for every cent and until all the other cows have gone home, yet there are gains to be made.


You might find yourself a little moody after last year’s deluge of affection, so much so that the external voices giving you unasked-for advice are now audible, and it is unlikely they will suggest that you are in the land of milk and honey. If you try to make cow-eyes too many times, you might find yourself sleeping on the couch. For those already in stable relationships, the year should bring small satisfactions with only minor interruptions.


Promotions and raises are plausible, but you may find a long line in front of you and with your horns not working well, it will be difficult to get through. Your finest helper here will be the Eight Executives Star, which is more inclined to offer you new knowledge or experiences. Take advantage of learning and training programmes offered at work, and build up your resume and experience.

Guiding hexagram from the Yi-Jing (Book of Changes)

Coming to meet. The maiden is powerful. One should not carry such a maiden.
Under heaven: wind. The image of Coming to Meet. Thus does the prince act when disseminating his commands and proclaiming them to the four quarters of heaven.
The Forest of Changes:
Mist, dew, snow, frost; the days are unrelentingly gloomy. A surfeit of yin becomes a pestilence, crops wither.
Unless it is a young shepherd you are familiar with, you should not give free rides to anyone this year. Those who seem unusually attractive may be concealing another face, and the malaise that will come from dealing with that will bring its own style of pestilence. Help others when you can, but make sure you are in a position to do so without incurring any penalty to yourself.