Secure the hutch

Rabbits dig burrows to create warm and safe havens. Just like our furry friends, we can make the most of our home or office environments by harnessing the power of the flying stars. Organised into nine different positions, the Luo Shu, or magic square, incorporates compass directions and elements to divine the best Feng Shui placements each year. We can then augment or restrain auspicious or malevolent influences, regardless of the general reading of our zodiac animal or specific personal chart. Hovering in the background is the 20-year cycle, which partly determines the qualities and strength of each star over that period. This is the final year of the eighth 20-year period of the full 180-year cycle, the lowest common multiple when combining the nine flying stars and the 60-year stems and branches cycle.

The flying stars work for spaces as small as your home or office to the world at large. Similarly, the base pattern of all buildings is the period in which it was built; at that particular moment in time, the earthly and celestial forces combine to set an arrangement inside a structure. Human-made structures built between 2004 and 2023 will partly retain the energies of the eighth twenty-year pattern. Next year, we begin the ninth period and shift to the next base pattern.