Having just slithered out of a year in which the Grand Duke was pressing in from both sides, you will be relieved to hear that he will not trouble you this year. This does not mean you can fang it all over the shop. Do not be tempted to join the first rope trick you see; keep in mind that with no legs to pull, you should not be tricked into anything. Rely on your own endeavours and at the end of all the effort and polite importuning you do, remember to be a civil serpent.

Water Snake:
10 Feb 2013 – 30 Jan 2014
14 Feb 1953 – 02 Feb 1954
Metal Snake:
24 Jan 2001 – 11 Feb 2002
27 Jan 1941 – 14 Feb 1942
Earth Snake:
06 Feb 1989 – 26 Jan 1990
10 Feb 1929 – 29 Jan 1930
Fire Snake:
18 Feb 1977 – 06 Feb 1978
23 Jan 1917 – 10 Feb 1918
Wood Snake:
02 Feb 1965 – 20 Jan 1966
04 Feb 1905 – 24 Jan 1906

Fortune direction:


Augmenting your fortune:

Red Chinese knots

Lucky colours:




You will not want to spend a year on the floor, even if you are a rep-tile. Sustenance will be important, so make sure you get sufficient mouse-to-mouth resuscitation. Afflictions this year should be minor but somewhat persistent, leading to one of Snake's worst enemies - a howling black dog. You might consider battening down the home pit, but you will do better getting out and about and taking the temperature of the world with your tongue.


As much as you would like the year to be all Snake, rattle and roll, it will be one of contrasting fortunes. Sloughing off last year's constraints, at times you will clearly see all the warm monetary prey your infrared sensors can afford, while at others you will need some top-shelf windscreen vipers just to see where that last dollar is disappearing.


A better year for Snakes - you should be able to snuggle happily next to a loved one if you are part of a pair. If you are not, then getting there may be a little tricky. No one will recognise you in the hood - they may not even see you coming. You will need to be your best Snake charmer - practice in the mirror a few times until you are completely wound around yourself.


The good book tells us that you will crawl on your belly and eat dust all the days of your life. This year, you have the opportunity to eat the dust of passing comets and stars. Their presence will make the game of snakes and ladders one where either choice can advance your interests. The Post Horse and the Heavenly Second Stars are both visiting and offering to lift you higher.

Guiding hexagram from the Yi-Jing (Book of Changes)

The Corners of the Mouth. Perseverance brings good fortune. Pay heed to the providing of nourishment and what a man seeks to fill his own mouth.
At the foot of the mountain, thunder: the image of Providing Nourishment. The superior man is careful of his words and temperate in eating and drinking.
The Forest of Changes:
One loads the cart and mounts the horse. Going south, one meets the lord. On my fine good fortune, for this there is concern but no reproach.
You may boast of cranial kinesis on your resume, but this is perhaps not the year to practice it each time you feel like a feed. First, read the barcodes on all you consume. A fine good fortune, ironically, will depend this year on a little temperance.