On the Dragon scale, this year should rate quite highly. We all know how much you like to compete in public at talon shows - this could be a good time to scorch those boards. You have the Heaven’s Emptiness Star visiting; not unlike yourself, it can be fickle and changeable, so get on its good side and make it work for you with new projects and ventures. It is a good year to be out and about, and socially you are great at barbecues because you can always fire up the grill. Keep things humming along.

Water Dragon:
23 Jan 2012 – 09 Feb 2013
27 Jan 1952 – 13 Feb 1953
Metal Dragon:
05 Feb 2000 – 23 Jan 2001
08 Feb 1940 – 26 Jan 1941
Earth Dragon:
17 Feb 1988 – 05 Feb 1989
23 Jan 1928 – 09 Feb 1929
Fire Dragon:
31 Jan 1976 – 17 Feb 1977
03 Feb 1916 – 22 Jan 1917
Wood Dragon:
13 Feb 1964 – 01 Feb 1965
16 Feb 1904 – 03 Feb 1905

Fortune direction:


Augmenting your fortune:

Goldfish bowls

Lucky colours:




This is the sector where your fractious relationship with Tai Sui could tickle your ribs, through pesky attacks on your health. When you sleep - we know some Dragons doze during the day because they always fight knights - make sure you are getting enough. You have a spade in your tail so put it to work digging a trench around your health that Tai Sui cannot cross, and claw your way back to robust health.


We all know that Dragons make good accountants on account of economies of scale. This could be the year to tip them in your favour so you can close the year by sending the various gods and spirits a ‘fangs a lot’ card. Your earth combined with Rabbit's wood element could cause some friction. Since you do not want to feed the hare, but eat it instead, add a little fire via technology, lights or advertising to your world. The Rabbit will feed it and it will enhance you.


Is someone dragging or Dragon-ing your heart around? It sounds off-putting, but truly the stars are shining. The Great Yang Star is visiting and casting its light on distant places for you. Be it a ride to the end of the subway line or a flight to the other side of the planet, you should take the chance. Music will go with you, and being a Dragon it will be the horn section playing an upbeat number. Be careful with the objects of your desire, as we know that if you kiss a Dragon, you burn your lips.


You might find yourself in a holding pattern this year; whether you are part of a company or working for yourself, the chances of advancing are not particularly strong. The advantage is that it looks quite stable. If you are thinking of going on a short holiday, you could just wing it. The same goes for taking some time out to begin other projects - this is where the fire in your belly should be pointed toward this year.

Guiding hexagram from the Yi-Jing (Book of Changes)

Gathering Together. Success. The king approaches his temple. It furthers one to see the great man. This brings success. Perseverance furthers. To bring great offerings creates good fortune. It furthers one to undertake something.
Over the earth, the lake: the image of Gathering Together. Thus the superior man renews his weapons to meet the unforeseen.
The Forest of Changes:
With the awl and axe lost, Lu Ban had no way forward. He took the ritual vessels and served the better ruler.
If the mountain will not go to Mohamed, then the Dragon should go to the mountain. Insofar as a Dragon may ever fret, this is not the time to concern yourself with the parts of your life that are not functioning as well as they may. Your ritual vessels are the issue, you just need to find a superior temple or shrine in which to place them. Move what is precious to where it is best appreciated.