Elementary analysis

In Feng Shui, the five elements form the basis of the generating and overcoming cycles in the natural world. A historical description reads: water moistens and descends; fire blazes and ascends; wood bends or straightens; metal obeys or counters; and earth receives seeds and returns crops. In this section, we combine each element’s traditional strength with its position in the bazi reading, taking into account its monthly movement. The bar charts reflect the general pattern of elemental strength throughout the year, while the commentary weaves in the destiny chart’s effect. Each industry mentioned is classified as one of the five elements, but keep in mind the disparate components of any particular industry. Technology is generally seen as belonging to fire, for example, but its transport falls under the aegis of water.

Metal is once again absent from the bazi for the second year running. A hit on the markets is clear enough, but it will extend to the steel and machinery sectors, which are unlikely to perform any better than last year. The months between summer and winter are usually strong for metal with August and September offering some basic support, but that period is going to be difficult for the market anyway, so there will be little external help.

Hans Fan
Ken Shin
Alex Redman

Fire is running through the bazi and should perform very well in late spring, when there is not enough water to dampen it. As the world copes with supply chain issues and varying demand levels, the advertising and small tech industries will keep consumer spending functioning at a decent level. Everything from the humble charcoal brazier to cosmetics and optics should rise. Keep an eye on the recycling and repair industries, as these two sectors will slowly creep up.

Elinor Leung
Daniel Butcher
Oil & gas
Harry Kim

There’s a little earth in the Ten Gods that underpins the bazi, and with fire burning through the yin wood, a little more earth should be coming through. Usually stronger at the end of seasons, earth-related sectors might find themselves moving with the market. While late spring and summer appear to be the only sustained growth period for construction, expect industries such as leather and jade to flourish two or three times for shorter periods.

Lance Noble
China Reality Research
Yew Kiang Wong
Robert Stein

While there is enough water in the chart to keep replenishing wood, there is also enough fire to burn it down. As a result, we could have a year of much activity without actual movement. Wood should still be prominent. In addition, a wood star is sitting in the middle of the flying stars chart. Expect good things and a flurry of activity for education, design, refurbishments, the arts, religion and publications.

Zhijie Zhao
Abdul Hadi Manaf
Ethan Wang

Although travel and transport made decent returns in Tiger’s year, they may be bedevilled by forces beyond their control with Rabbit at the helm. Despite being a Water Rabbit, she will be spending much of her time treading water rather than surfing new breaks. The charts expect a slightly brighter outlook for insurance and aquaculture, but much of the energy for water-related industries will be spent on putting out small fires. However, hotels and shipping should do well going into the holiday season.

Sue Lin Lim
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Horng Han Low
Seungjoo Ro