Can you smell it? Happy Howlidays are here again. Last year might have been a little ruff in patches, but this year should have fewer issues. You will be able to maintain your dignity throughout and not resort to being a lapdog. At some stages through the year, you might feel like the world has pressed the paws button, but it may not be just you catching your breath, but all of us needing to do so.

Earth Dog:
16 Feb 2018 – 04 Feb 2019
18 Feb 1958 – 07 Feb 1959
Fire Dog:
29 Jan 2006 – 17 Feb 2007
02 Feb 1946 – 21 Jan 1947
Wood Dog:
10 Feb 1994 – 30 Jan 1995
14 Feb 1934 – 03 Feb 1935
Water Dog:
25 Jan 1982 – 12 Feb 1983
28 Jan 1922 – 15 Feb 1923
Metal Dog:
06 Feb 1970 – 26 Jan 1971
10 Feb 1910 – 29 Jan 1911

Fortune direction:


Augmenting your fortune:

Green pot plants

Lucky colours:




The chances of being hounded by small accidents and injuries has lessened from last year. That does not mean you can tear it up wherever you go, but it also does not mean you should just stay home and lounge around. Be proactive choosing what you put in your body and mind - if you wake up and it is all a Dog’s breakfast in front of you, then go next door and see what the cats are eating. Stay pawsitive.


Dog biscuits and other treats are going to be falling from the heavens this year. The Dragon Virtue Star is in your quarter; not only does it have a reputation for changing the ill into the good, it will go out and set it up for you. Focus your concentration on where you will do best and shepherd your energies there. You do not want the opportunity to slip and for the year to be little more than a massive waste of time.


If you already have enough people in your life giving you puppy love, you will be pleased to hear that you will not be fighting more of them off this year. On the other hand, if you plan to be in a Dog and pony show, you will need to make the running yourself. Having two left feet does not mean you cannot dance. When the time comes, make yourself look fetching and the chances of sharing the kennel will rise accordingly.


The Annual Assuaging Star is visiting, a star that mitigates anything that may stray from the path of helpfulness. We are not suggesting that you magically invent a new senior position for yourself, more that you can stand up for yourself - there is no need to roll over. Follow the path of leashed resistance and you should enjoy a productive year, if not a promotion.

Guiding hexagram from the Yi-Jing (Book of Changes)

Conflict. You are sincere and are being obstructed. A cautious halt halfway brings good fortune. Going through to the end brings misfortune. It furthers one to see the great man but not to cross the great water.
Heaven and water go their opposite ways: the image of Conflict. Thus, in all his transactions the superior man carefully considers the beginning.
The Forest of Changes:
Literary flourishes become vulgar and damage the essence. Stiffened corpses pile up and blood flows over the arms. Knowing their mother, but not their father. The weapons of war were stilled.
The year will offer harmful paths as well as those that are profitable, so you will need to take responsibility for deliberating between the two. Overall, the year looks very fine; the message from the stars is clearly to not wait until a situation becomes completely blighted before severing your ties.