If you made the most out of last year, then move the finish line farther out and keep on galloping. Pay no heed to what other Horses are doing, head off to the Hall of Mirrors and race against yourself. Opportunities are out there, but like an Easter Egg hunt, you will need to go to them as they will not come to you. This is a good year to not be on your high Horse.

Wood Horse:
31 Jan 2014 – 18 Feb 2015
03 Feb 1954 – 23 Jan 1955
Water Horse:
12 Feb 2002 – 31 Jan 2003
15 Feb 1942 – 04 Feb 1943
Metal Horse:
27 Jan 1990 – 14 Feb 1991
30 Jan 1930 – 16 Feb 1931
Earth Horse:
07 Feb 1978 – 27 Jan 1979
11 Feb 1918 – 31 Jan 1919
Fire Horse:
21 Jan 1966 – 08 Feb 1967
25 Jan 1906 – 12 Feb 1907

Fortune direction:


Augmenting your fortune:

Yellow circular vases

Lucky colours:




Tai Sui should not be troubling you in this area, so it will be a mostly stable environment. While there may be ticks and flies nagging you, the stars should hold you in good steed and hopefully prevent any bad colts or colds, let alone trips to the animal hospital. Make the most of the lack of malevolence to filter out the rust and grime; keep your eye on the main game - the years to come.


The Grand Duke and his cabal of wicked stars will be fighting amongst themselves to sneak a bite out of your hard-earned bread throughout the year. What to do? They are no more than they seem, and certainly not a stalking Horse, so they can be approached directly. Change Horses in mid-stream by concentrating on new projects designed to bring delight. They do not have to be strongly tied to financial concerns, and some of that joy might just plug some holes.


Soft neighs are on the breeze. You have both the Heavenly Joy Star and the Great Yin Star dropping by and they have love on their mind and a nosebag full of tricks. There are four seasons in the year and for your love life, they should all be spring. Yet how much of a good thing is a good thing? By this time next year, you will be able to tell us.


If you are dreaming about your work situation next year and wondering what type of Horse may be coming your way, then rest assured it should not be a night mare. Far from it. If you are thinking of roaming around to another position at the same company or another line of work altogether, you should hoof it on and make the first move.

Guiding hexagram from the Yi-Jing (Book of Changes)

Break-through. One must resolutely make the matter known at the court of the king. It must be announced truthfully. Danger. It is necessary to notify one’s city. It does not further to resort to arms. It furthers one to undertake something.
The lake has risen up to heaven: the image of Break-through. Thus the superior man dispenses riches downward and restrains from resting on his virtue.
The Forest of Changes:
The poisonous snakes of Jiangnan bite me as they will, injustice and trouble bends me over, it pierces to my marrow.
Not a year to hide under the hay in the dark corner of the stable, nor a year to rest on your laurels. At some point, people will look to you for leadership or advice, and immoral behaviour cannot be swept aside. The poisonous snakes of Jiangnan? Let your sense of justice be the antidote.