Sadly, it is looking like quite the poultry year. If you find yourself feeling all cooped up, then that will be for your own good. Lie down on that hard-scrabble ground you are now accustomed to and spend the year pondering the meaning of egg-istence. In the cosmic pecking order for this year, what can we say - there is certainly room for improvement. The universe may be a free lunch for some, but there will be nary a cock-tale there for you. Preen yourself and focus on the longer picture.

Fire Rooster:
28 Jan 2017 – Feb 15 2018
31 Jan 1957 – 17 Feb 1958
Wood Rooster:
09 Feb 2005 – 28 Jan 2006
13 Feb 1945 – 01 Feb 1946
Water Rooster:
23 Jan 1993 – 09 Feb 1994
26 Jan 1933 – 13 Feb 1934
Metal Rooster:
05 Feb 1981 – 24 Jan 1982
08 Feb 1921 – 27 Jan 1922
Earth Rooster:
17 Feb 1969 – 05 Feb 1970
22 Jan 1909 – 09 Feb 1910

Fortune direction:


Augmenting your fortune:

Bevelled-edge crystal balls

Lucky colours:




While Tai Sui is bearing down on you, your health seems unaffected. Yet, if you are training for the Olympics, then perhaps lower your aspirations a little. You will want to keep moving this year, but not too energetically – it will all be in the eggsecution. If you are not feeling absolutely on top of things, then consider not driving. You can step down and get public transport, or step up and get a chauffeur.


This is the area where the Tai Sui could wreak havoc. Do not put too much out as even the luckiest Rooster is likely to be given chicken feed in return. Financial guideposts and advice might all look like they are written in chicken scratch. Even if you are an eggspert, this might be the year to just hold all the chicken stock until a more fragrant opportunity arises and your hard-earned does not end up flying the coop.


Your heart might begin acting as a Rooster weathervane this year, blowing in all directions as the seasons of the heart turn one into the other. While it is a changeable world, there is no need for any fowl language. The change might be for the better - an old flame rekindles, an addition to the family, or perhaps a marriage. Whatever it turns out to be, keep your comments discreet and play the comedian to keep it light.


A year of change awaits, best if you make the running and go free range. Use your impeccable credentials to seek out other opportunities, from starting your own venture to changing divisions in a large company or even looking at other industries. Collect your strengths together and see where they might take you. This is a year where if you do not ask, you will not find out.

Guiding hexagram from the Yi-Jing (Book of Changes)

Revolution. On your own day, you are believed. Supreme success, furthering through perseverance. Remorse disappears.
Fire in the lake: the image of Revolution. Thus the superior man sets the calendar in order and makes the seasons clear.
The Forest of Changes:
Breaking out in anxiety and worry, easily shaken up and disturbed. Ill at ease in one’s surrounds, the public storehouse is disorganised, and nothing good will come of this.
Change is coming and the best way to take advantage of it is to set out your options in a clear manner. The forces that have kept you under their wing might not be there for you when you need them – do not write them off, but do not take their assistance or protection for granted.