It's true, everyone loves you. The stars, however, are a little more objective. We hope that you made the most of the previous two years' good fortune. Some of that is going to linger, but the horizon darkens, carrots shorten, grass withers and Elmer Fudd starts to dominate your dreams. Oh, and then there is the Tai Sui eating your lettuce. Turn your energies from procreation to looking after yourself.

Metal Rabbit:
03 Feb 2011 – 22 Jan 2012
06 Feb 1951 – 26 Jan 1952
Earth Rabbit:
16 Feb 1999 – 04 Feb 2000
19 Feb 1939 – 07 Feb 1940
Fire Rabbit:
29 Jan 1987 – 16 Feb 1988
02 Feb 1927 – 22 Jan 1928
Wood Rabbit:
11 Feb 1975 – 30 Jan 1976
14 Feb 1915 – 02 Feb 1916
Water Rabbit:
25 Jan 1963 – 12 Feb 1964
29 Jan 1903 – 15 Feb 1904


The year portends nothing drastic, but be careful of the usual lopping. Prevention is best so stay away from places where oxygen does not circulate in the right amount; perhaps delay that space exploration trip or make one less trip to the top of the ICC tower. Loin low at the right time to keep your dewlap soft and small. Deny illness the chance to touch your rabbit’s foot.


The carrot of your dreams is yours to hold. No myxomatosis lurks in your banking and investment veins - any financial dangers are not likely to be more than a rabbit punch. The best plan is to make sure you are vigilant about your forequarters this year. Be on guard against unexpected rabbit holes - make sure you can’t be outflanked and find yourself in hock.


If you are clear-eyed in love, then nothing adverse will befall you. Outside some high Tibetan monks we wonder for whom the terms 'in love' and 'clear-eyed' may apply at the same time. Love is in the air, and the Tai Sui is waiting for you around the corner; your nose may twitch - best you don't wander too far along the trails those spring breezes promise.


A previously unsuspected corner of the hutch discovered? It's a year for agility and stopping the nibble. Apply yourself judiciously to a new area, or to tasks already set, and then let the success speak for itself, let the dog see the rabbit. Promotions and help from those above may not be as ready as last year, plan accordingly.

Guiding hexagram from the Yi-Jing (Book of Changes)

Abundance has success. The king attains abundance. Be not sad. Be like the sun at midday.
Both thunder and lightning come: the image of abundance. Thus the superior man decides lawsuits and carries out punishments.
Six in the second place means the curtain is of such fullness that the polestars can be seen at noon. If one rouses him through truth, fortune comes.
Your position here is clear, others may initially look askance, but as your voracious appetite returns sunshine to the world, the truth of your euphemisms may shine once more.