A year of cat and mouse in the cosmic game may have you feeling that you’ve fallen into a rat trap. It is true that most of your visiting stars are malevolent, and that the cosmos is aligned against you, with the Year Breaker bit dragging on your energy. The best-laid plans are best left alone. Spend your energies on making sure the stable is stable and things will go better than you may think.

Wood Horse:
31 Jan 2014 – 18 Feb 2015
03 Feb 1954 – 23 Jan 1955
Water Horse:
12 Feb 2002 – 31 Jan 2003
15 Feb 1942 – 04 Feb 1943
Metal Horse:
27 Jan 1990 – 14 Feb 1991
30 Jan 1930 – 16 Feb 1931
Earth Horse:
07 Feb 1978 – 27 Jan 1979
11 Feb 1918 – 31 Jan 1919
Fire Horse:
21 Jan 1966 – 08 Feb 1967
25 Jan 1906 – 12 Feb 1907


The knackery should not threaten the younger ones. Your health should be stable, but you'll need to get out for a run on the polo field, but make sure you don't score an own goal. Dangers to health are oblique - work and love pressures mount up. Select top-shelf oats, rein in unnecessary excesses, and make sure the nagging stays out of earshot.


Wealth is well-aspected. Even if there is no direct gain in your main income, small projects should come to fruition, and the effort you put in at work should find its way to filly-ing up your bank account. This is not an invitation to head to the racetrack, care is needed in investing. Get in early, you'll not be thrown off course by horse-flies if they can't catch you.


It's a year of opportunities if you can get the bit in your mouth. If you're early into a relationship, expect unforeseen challenges, they'll require some side-stepping and delicate moves. If you're in a long-term relationship, or one where you are frequently apart, you'll find this year brings external itches and you must hang back and not get too exercised by it all.


Feel the yoke, accept it, love it - this is not the year to be the Arabian stallion. You can be your own best stalking horse this year – put on a dog and pony show and wait for the accolades to drop from the heavens. Will it get you a higher position? Quite possibly, and if not, then at least all that good will that you're going to be spreading should prevent you needing to change any horse in mid-stream.

Guiding hexagram from the Yi-Jing (Book of Changes)

The wanderer. Success through smallness. Perseverance brings good fortune to the wanderer.
Fire on the mountain: the image of the wanderer. Thus the superior man is clear-minded and cautious in imposing penalties.
Six in the fifth place means he shoots a pheasant. It drops with the first arrow. In the end this brings both praise and office.
Take your place in the Jedi training at Disneyland. Should a wild turkey fall from the sky, you'll be prepared with your lightsabre which fortuitously also functions as an induction plate capable of providing a full meal for a family of eight. An allegory for those who wander through rhetoric.