It's going to be a bit of a goat-cart ride, you might be best off strapping yourself in as fate may have a habit of butting in unwanted this year. Changes will ring themselves in quickly and you'll need to be ready to respond. Health and career might be places where the good fortune strikes a snag, but what you lose there you may just make up in love. Tin cans always look appetising, you just don’t want to end up in one.

Wood Goat:
19 Feb 2015 – 07 Feb 2016
24 Jan 1955 – 11 Feb 1956
Water Goat:
01 Feb 2003 – 21 Jan 2004
05 Feb 1943 – 24 Jan 1944
Metal Goat:
15 Feb 1991 – 03 Feb 1992
17 Feb 1931 – 05 Feb 1932
Earth Goat:
28 Jan 1979 – 15 Feb 1980
01 Feb 1919 – 19 Feb 1920
Fire Goat:
09 Feb 1967 – 29 Jan 1968
13 Feb 1907 – 01 Feb 1908


Do you sometimes feel that your goatee is being pulled remorselessly into the gaping maw of a giant goat-consuming machine? Just fighting off the thighs and briskets of outrageous fortune can weary any upstanding goat, no matter how well-heeled. To avoid the mangy coat this year you’ll need to be on guard for stresses that could set you back on your rump - physical and mental. Keep your udders up and eyes keen.


Put on your best cashmere clothing and step up please, this is a year where the hard-earned dollar is going to come through socialising, wining and dining. You do have the Tai Sui and some other fidgety stars wandering through, so a certain amount of circumspection will pay off - not in obvious income, but in the unseen lack of losses.


It matters not how perilous the rocky ground, nor how gruff the company, you'll find that if they try to get your goat you'll have assistance from other quarters. There is one caveat - love is not going to get up on its hind legs and come knock on your door, you'll need to grab it by the tail and give it a shake. There'll be no need to ram your feelings home, everyone is looking to snuggle up.


Goats do not want to tempt fate by going out on ledges. As sure footed as you may be, the work environment is tilted down that cliff a little. Keep your own counsel. Don't lock horns with colleagues and you'll not find yourself on the horns of a dilemma. If you're higher up the food chain, listen to those under you - you don't want to be outflanked, and have your tendon spots become a target.

Guiding hexagram from the Yi-Jing (Book of Changes)

Opposition. In small matters, good fortune.
Above, fire; below, the lake: the image of opposition. Thus amid all fellowship, the superior man retains his individuality.
Six in the third place means one sees the wagon dragged back, the oxen halted, a man's hair and nose cut off. Not a good beginning, but a good end.
Oh, you've accidentally been transported to the final Quentin Tarantino film. Nothing is as it seems. The missing hair and nose are mistaken edits that fall to the post-production floor. This year, when all else seems unreal, maintain your integrity, that is a priceless fortune.