Industry selection based on the five phases

In Feng Shui, all industries are divided into one of the five elements. Each year, wood, fire, earth, metal and water dance around each other, some ruling throughout, others bursting out for a month or so. A Feng Shui master worth his salt will assess the relative strengths of each element at any given time; even the weakest element will come to the fore at some stage, you just have to be there for it. Portfolios perform best when the elements are equally weighted, so you can adjust your investments to get the best possible results. Remember that wood fuels fire; it, in turn, produces earth; metal comes from the earth and produces water, which is a fundamental ingredient for life and needed for wood to grow. Conversely, water puts out fire; fire melts metal, making it weak; metal can cut through wood; and wood overcomes earth as roots grow down into the soil and use up nutrients; earth overcomes water as it channels water to where you want it to go.

Wood takes some energy away from the earth, but not at much gain to itself, and it is also fearful of the effects of metal. Luckily, the wood in this year's chart is yang, not yin, so some gains can be made. Healthcare and consumer stocks as well as creative endeavours may do well, especially in March and late summer. Religions and the publishing industry may not have everything go their way.

Consumer Discretionary
Consumer Staples

Fire melts metal and this could throw a spanner into the works at times. We note an early summer boost, but the best times for fire-related sectors such as technology, telecoms and utilities will be October and November. While there is not a flood of water in the chart, the Rat itself belongs to this element, dampening animal spirits and outperformance.


Earth is the producer of metal, which rules this year. Harmony between the two should see a boom in all earth-related industries throughout the year, but August to November may be slightly slow. Leather production, gemstone searching and appraisal, consultants and real estate should flourish.


While the chart is not strong in metal, it gets some help from the earth, and as long as metal does not clash with fire, industries here should muddle through. Lawyers, public servants, battery operators and bank managers should be on guard in October and November when metal is weak and fire dominant. The best periods for related industries are April/May and September/October.


There is little water in the chart, although metal produces water and will push tourism and casinos along. June, July and year-end are the most opportune times. Travel may be down a little, while logistics and casinos should see the good times roll. Philosophy is also well aspected this year.

Hotels and Leisure