Rats are good for dragons – your earthly branches work well together. The Earth Rat and the Water Dragon can be antagonistic, but it's a family quarrel that can be sorted out offstage. There is no army of auxiliary helpers in the imaginary cosmos to trim your whiskers and clean your scales, so while nothing bad threatens, don't set your sights too high lest the lack of progress dampens your clammy spirits.

Water Dragon:
23 Jan 2012 – 09 Feb 2013
27 Jan 1952 – 13 Feb 1953
Metal Dragon:
05 Feb 2000 – 23 Jan 2001
08 Feb 1940 – 26 Jan 1941
Earth Dragon:
17 Feb 1988 – 05 Feb 1989
23 Jan 1928 – 09 Feb 1929
Fire Dragon:
31 Jan 1976 – 17 Feb 1977
03 Feb 1916 – 22 Jan 1917
Wood Dragon:
13 Feb 1964 – 01 Feb 1965
16 Feb 1904 – 03 Feb 1905


All dragons love new shiny toys, some afflictions look like new shiny toys. If you're not sure what a syllogism is, that in itself may prove to be an affliction of sorts. There is no certainty of ill-health this year, you’ll have to be complicit for that. Skydiving is thrilling, but take a parachute along under your wing just in case. Your health is yours this year.


You are well-placed in the first half, no need to stay home sitting on and shining up old gems. Thinking of getting a tattoo? Have it read 'my hoard'. Irrespective of which lair you end up raiding, you should come out dripping precious stones. Fledgling dragons hot under the collar and early in their pursuit of riches might want to be satisfied with a smaller number of baubles.


You're just irresistible, this year more than most. Preen those eyebrows and buff up the tail, you'll want to outshine the sun. Oh, one small word of warning, cataracts, they say, are in the eye of the beholder – just because the meal is fresh does not mean there is no poison. Hard to believe, but there are those out there that may take advantage of a well-meaning dragon.


Every work unit needs a hegemon, right? It's an iron law laid down millennia ago by the work gods - it's hardly your fault for taking on a role that cries out to be filled. It's a wonder they're not more thankful to you. As you travel along this road, the curbside signs should read challenge, success, peril and hubris - not all fate is decreed and where you claw in is left to you.

Guiding hexagram from the Yi-Jing (Book of Changes)

Youthful folly has success. It is not I who seek the young fool; the young fool seeks me. At the first oracle I inform him. Perseverance furthers.
A spring wells up at the foot of the mountain: the image of youth. Thus the superior man fosters his character by thoroughness in all that he does.
Nine at the top means in punishing folly it does not further one to commit transgressions - prevent them.
You can go out on a limb, there will be no transgressions for your folly as long as it is youthful. It's all about preventing transgressions, go to Shenzhen next year.