A little more care opening the peanut packets please. It's a gibbon that you'll not be falling down to the forest floor, but macaque my words there are nasty stars out there placing banana skins as you sleep. It willl not be easy to control the environments at home or work, so if you finish the year in those fields roughly where it began, that will be great, ape.

Fire Monkey:
08 Feb 2016 – 27 Jan 2017
12 Feb 1956 – 30 Jan 1957
Wood Monkey:
22 Jan 2004 – 08 Feb 2005
25 Jan 1944 – 12 Feb 1945
Water Monkey:
04 Feb 1992 – 22 Jan 1993
06 Feb 1932 – 25 Jan 1933
Metal Monkey:
16 Feb 1980 – 04 Feb 1981
20 Feb 1920 – 07 Feb 1921
Earth Monkey:
30 Jan 1968 – 16 Feb 1969
02 Feb 1908 – 21 Jan 1909


If you are offered the role of King Kong in a new production, this is not the year to take it up. Low-flying planes and high-rising spires may do some damage. Spend more time in the company of other companies but steer clear of the oysters on banquet tables. Exotic tastes are off the menu - civet cats and pangolins to be had in moderation and without too much chilli.


No lack of low-hanging bananas this year, both at your place and in neighbouring trees, for those monkeys who have night-vision goggles. The question for you is not going to be the appearance of money, but how you make it seem that you are not bloated on success, and that you are happy to thank the other zodiacs for helping you out. It may not be clear to you, but it is to them.


Love might feel a little cold as if you left the cave door ajar and someone else came and stole those lovely figs you were saving. Your loved ones are unlikely to put you on the gorilla or the rack, but be aware they have their needs as well. At the very least you'll need to be the monkey in front of them so they don't have one on their back.


You should be eating only the finest bananas and leaving the skins for the mere mortals that follow in your wake. No more games of snakes and ladders, it's now known as the monkey and the ladder. Don’t bother yourself with small matters at work, reserve your energy for the big dreams - they may not happen this year but get some planning in.

Guiding hexagram from the Yi-Jing (Book of Changes)

The corners of the mouth. Perseverance brings good fortune. Pay heed to the providing of nourishment.
At the foot of the mountain, thunder: the image of providing nourishment. Thus the superior man is temperate in eating and drinking.
Nine at the top means the source of nourishment. Awareness of danger brings good fortune. It furthers one to cross the great water.
Crossing the great water to seek the source of nourishment could be referring to the Cheung Chau bun festival or the closed loop recycling on Lamma Island. Should a puddle stand between you and a supermarket entrance, you'll need to cross it without cussing, and good fortune may be yours.