Rat hole or Rat park

In the 1970s, a psychologist, tired of analysing rats in mazes with plain white walls, created Rat Park. It had condos, supermarkets, green spaces for play and secluded areas for dating. This is the cheese we are all after! Location is a focus of where Feng Shui masters lay their hands on the cosmic pulses that rise in one area and fall in another. From the micro setting of the home to the macro environment of the planet, these forces remain constant and should be considered when you are organising spaces and activities at any time of the year. Below we offer advice on how to enhance the good vibes and guard against the bad, in all directions, for this year. And Rat Park? It was shut down for being too much of a good thing for the rats - may we all aspire to live as well as they did.

Hong Kong Overall

Out beyond the human field of vision are heavenly bodies associated with numbers and colours that push luck, fortune, and property prices up and down. Their characteristics are not immutable and you can strengthen the good and weaken the malevolent with a little foresight and clever placement of colour and object in the nine segments of your office or home.