An equal year of many things, you are in tune with the Rat, but be on guard, the Tai Sui sits in the background chewing the cud. Advances in one area may be offset by deficits in another. When enemies assail you, give them no quarter. Maintaining a stiff upper muzzle will see you finish the year ahead and better than you started. The powers that be may be out to stifle you, but it’s mostly stubborn bulls.

Earth Ox:
26 Jan 2009 – 13 Feb 2010
29 Jan 1949 – 16 Feb 1950
Fire Ox:
07 Feb 1997 – 27 Jan 1998
11 Feb 1937 – 30 Jan 1938
Wood Ox:
20 Feb 1985 – 08 Feb 1986
25 Jan 1925 – 12 Feb 1926
Water Ox:
03 Feb 1973 – 22 Jan 1974
06 Feb 1913 – 25 Jan 1914
Metal Ox:
15 Feb 1961 – 04 Feb 1962
19 Feb 1901 – 07 Feb 1902


Generally, as strong as an ox you are, although this year you'll want to keep an eye on anything blood related, from infections gaining an unlikely foothold from diabetes to, well, a relative. More exercise and a little less belly would be a good choice. Disagreeable matters may be playing on your mind, don’t take them too much to heart or you’ll wither away.


Your fetlocks should be in clover, but with the general drought, it may not grow as high as you were hoping. An unexpected bonus or other source of money may be in the offing. Beware of the source and check the terms and conditions - if it's clean then it's yours to enjoy. Don't rump it up in one place as you may find you have udder attachments that may call on your hard-earned cash.


Progress can be made, if you're in the moooood. You can flutter those bovine eyes deep at your intended, out-flank them, and not be laughed off. Love might be lurking a little closer to home than you imagine - sometimes you're as awkward as a cow on a crutch, open your eyes. No need to follow old cow tracks to the end of the earth. It's your year to loin back and enjoy it.


It's time for you to lead the herd at work. Coworkers and seniors will be placing their stock in you this year, no need to be cowed. More changes than last year, mostly for the better; don't stray from the path nor feel yourself corralled, but use the time as an opportunity to look beyond the immediate pen for others who can work with you on projects.

Guiding hexagram from the Yi-Jing (Book of Changes)

The clinging. Perseverance furthers. It brings success. Care of the cow brings good fortune.
That which is bright rises twice: the image of fire. Thus the great man, by perpetuating this brightness, illumines the four quarters of the world.
Nine at the beginning means the footprints run crisscross. If one is seriously intent, no blame.
Care of the cow? Indeed, 2020 might just be your year of the spa treatment, but if smelling like patchouli is not your thing, then become an I Ching fundamentalist and head for Mui Wo to care for the cows. Intent is forgiven, which may put you in a bind, unintentional kindness may not be forgiven this year.