Kung Hei Fat Choy!

Year of the 

Fire Rooster
Happy Lunar New Year


After a fowl year in 2016, how will you and the Hang Seng Index fare with the plucky Rooster in 2017? Our 23rd Feng Shui guide offers an alternative look at what’s in store this year to help the luck flow in your direction.

Feng Shui masters are valued in the Orient by those looking to foretell the future. If you're running a hedge fund, no doubt you'll take our sorcerer’s view on the year ahead with a pinch of salt, but curiosity if not superstition may get the better of you.

So scroll on down and chick out all manner of forecasts for the year ahead. Our longstanding health warning holds: don’t get your feathers ruffled and take it too seriously!

Some predictions - All the thrills and spills

Live broadcasts of cocks crowing every day in Hong Kong (for millennials who’ve never seen or heard of one) • Pokemon Go goes • Earthquake and tsunami hits Hong Kong • KFC closed for a year out of respect for chickens • Brad and Angelina reconcile • New pills prolong life for 50 years; Emperor of Japan decides not to retire after all • Beijing opts for the popular Donnie Yen as new HK Chief Executive to prevent further social disruption • Twitter becomes official channel for announcing US government policy • Russian hackers attempt to disrupt HK Chief Executive election; no one notices - then they hit Crufts • First robot-run corporation is formed by disgruntled former Foxbots • First contract-killing-by-drone occurs • Private prison firms finally get access to lucrative Chinese market • Last white rhino is killed - in Florida, of course • First rhino created from stored DNA is born - in China, of course • Beijing enforces landmark low-emissions policy following Party Congress, sending Australia into recession • North Korea’s nuclear ambitions go ballistic • Shih Tzu dog wins China’s Got Talent • Fake news reporter Paul Keypies wins Pulitzer Prize • iPhone 8 removes lightening socket; now charges by solar panels • Pregnant Serena Williams wins Wimbledon • All McDonald’s outlets in Mexico turned into Ikeas

And here's our forecast!

CLSA Feng Shui Index, 2017

Our Rooster struts in on Friday, 3 February, to welcome a brand new year. Again, we attempt to plot the pattern and relative magnitude of the HSI’s monthly movements in the year ahead using a Fortune Scale. The spirits forbid us from associating ourselves with any number masquerading as a scientifically determined HSI target! So prepare for a slow start before the cocky bird spreads his wings to rule the roost!

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Previous Rooster Years

How did we fare? Not too shabby!

Our Rooster jumped a bit too early in 2005, but found his footing by the year-end. Meanwhile, the plucky chook did much better in 1993 tracking the Hang Seng Index market moves.


So what's Feng Shui?

Earthly forces at play

In China, life successes or failures are often less attributed to human action as they are to do with the workings of mysterious earth forces known as Feng Shui. 

Whether you are making an investment, arranging furniture, travelling abroad or choosing a spouse, timing and positioning in accordance with Feng Shui is crucial to achieve prosperity, health and happiness.

Our forecasts for the Hang Seng are based on the interplay of the destiny chart, or Bazi for the year, and the birth date of the Hang Seng Index (24 November, 1969), an "Earth Rooster”.

The heavenly stem of our great Earth Rooster is yin and water. He’ll love water, be aided by fire and fly far from metal.

Despite the full force of fire coming in this year, we expect the charts, both that of the Fire Rooster and our Earth Rooster, to quench that influence and a balance of all elements to be spread across the year.

While we see Fire and Metal guiding the entire chart throughout the year, Earth, Wood and Water will play more than their expected roles.

Bazi - Interplay determines our forecasts


Where to invest your precious funds

While Fire and Metal sectors dominate the top-level elements over the course of the year, we see Water and Earth doing best overall, namely transport, gaming and renewables, with good mealworms also likely for commodities, property and China plays.


The Zodiac

What sign are you?

Affliction deflection

How to mitigate negative energy

Feng Shui determines the points on the compass assigned to potential negative energies, or malevolent qi in their various guises. The usual suspects are the Tai Sui, Tsui Po, San Sha and Wu Wang: ghostly forces meandering across the fengshui firmament, so if the predictions are not in your favour, purchase a cannister of reality and breathe deep . . . you’ll be fine.



How will these famous faces fare in the Year of the Fire Rooster?

Will we see a hen fight between Regina Ip and John Tsang? How will Obama cope with life outside the White House? There may be trouble ahead for Mrs Merkel and Aung San Suu Kyi. And can it get any worse for Mariah Carey? What’s Queen Liz going to lose this year? Donnie Yen can expect some quiet time but not so for State Bank of India chair Arundhati Bhattacharya.

Property Outlook

Where to roost

We highlight hotspots and notspots in Hong Kong worth your attention.

Our Rooster prefers to feather his nest in the North while poultry returns are expected elsewhere, especially directly South and East.


More feathery fowlcasts

All McDonald’s outlets in China get Citic Bank ATMs • Forest acreage grows as global population stops reading books and newspapers • Facebook Live crashes servers worldwide amid Kim Kardashian’s live birth of triplets • Elon Musk boosts Mars colony by granting free admission to Kardashian triplets • New species of reptile discovered in Africa • Lionel Messi becomes first football player to earn US$1m per week • Britain bans the term ‘Brexit’ and pretends it never happened • Switzerland offers to swap all guns in America for Toblerone • India pilots cashless scheme by replacing money with blessings • Chinese scientists announce new in-vitro shark fin production techniques • Free from the pressures of the US vice-presidency, Joe Biden decides to complete his hair transplant • Bill Clinton finally gets email • Hillary decides to take a break from email • Australia joins Jamaica in deciding that it wants its line of succession to jump four places, so that Prince Harry can become its next Head of State • Fire Monkey Theresa May finds herself agreeing with Earth Monkey and French President, Marine Le Pen • The hero of Star Wars Episode 8 is the well-known member of the poultry family, the Millennium Falcon • Trump resorts to crowdfunding to Make America Great Again

Good luck with your nest egg this year!

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