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You’ve got the love star this time, so it might be the year for one of those infrequent showers. Getting the cheese out from between your teeth will, believe it or not, make you more attractive. Don’t worry, no-one will think you’re poor without that look. True love might be something your beady little eyes don’t initially recognise. Could be cause for regret when you see those mousy hips you like so much receding faster than you can smell a rat.


Nothing bad is indicated this year - so your omnivorous diet is to be encouraged. If something appears in front of you, bite it. Chances are that it won’t bite you back. Health supplements are well and good, but you’ll do better by standing in front of the mirror and repeating the phrase: my fur is sleek and gleaming.


The stars say go slow, no sudden large chunks of cheese are going to fall your way. We think this means circle someone else slowly to see where their cheese lands. It’s Mickey Mouse as far as you’re concerned. Share and share alike is the sentiment you need to think while eating someone else’s fodder.


Ah yes, this is the year you might enjoy ratting on someone. The charms of your cute little nose are hard to refuse. Don’t let the other party play cat and mouse with you. Open up your ratty heart and if they’re not enchanted then bite them - you can call that a love bite. Ratting around is good for you.


The best laid plans of mice . . . well, you can probably do without plans, and the stars say you’re in for a relaxing year. Let’s hope that doesn’t mean you’ll have plenty of time to read while standing in the queue waiting to hand in your unemployment form. Rat race? What rat race?

Famous Rats

TV celebrity Jeremy Clarkson; Taiwan singer A-Mei; PBoC governor Zhou Xiaochuan; celebrity cook Nigella Lawson

Guiding hexagram from the Yi-Jing (Book of Changes)

The caldron. Supreme good fortune. Success

Fire over wood: the image of the caldron. Thus the superior man consolidates his fate by making his position correct.

Nine at the top means the Ding has rings of jade. Great good fortune.

Ratty, there is a quaint notion that unrestricted and unrestrained behaviour only leads to depravity. Nonsense of course, and your stars this year place you in the perfect position to disprove this calumny. Living Buddhas and Living Lei Fengs wallow in your wake.

Earth Rat

07 Feb 2008 - 25 Jan 2009
10 Feb 1948 - 28 Jan 1949

Fire Rat

19 Feb 1996 - 06 Feb 1997
24 Jan 1936 - 10 Feb 1937

Wood Rat

02 Feb 1984 - 19 Feb 1985
05 Feb 1924 - 24 Jan 1925

Water Rat

15 Feb 1972 - 02 Feb 1973
18 Feb 1912 - 05 Feb 1913

Metal Rat

28 Jan 1960 - 14 Feb 1961
31 Jan 1900 - 18 Feb 1901

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