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Lift your head as high as you can, don’t hiss and keep that tongue to yourself. This year is looking much better than the last. You don’t have the A-list good stars with you, but neither do you have the serpentine and contorted nasties around either. A year of coiling achievements without too many snakes in the grass. Something new to taste, and it all adders up to a krait of good fortune that you should be able to sink your fangs into.


We all know about your skin problems, and it seems you’ll need to slough them off again this year. Other than that, it should be viper healthy year, you can rattle around where you may. It’s the year of the Rooster, so keep a healthy diet as you wriggle along.


Wrap yourself around wherever good money is to be made and your profits could spiral out beyond the imagination. Even snake oil might be made to turn a profit if you can find the right market. Take hold of your monetary luck. Happily for you, it can’t slip through your fingers.


While the love stars are cavorting elsewhere, you do have the Tai Sui cruelling other people’s chances. Asp not what the stars say for others, asp what they can do for you - and here it turns out quite a bit. The grass is as long as you need it to be. Intertwine yourself with someone else’s heart, they’ll wreathe with pleasure.


Rungs on the ladder will disappear beneath you this year, but that’s you rising and not the ladder sinking. No slinking necessary. The opportunities are open, no snakes in bosoms will surprise you. Do make your move early, if you wait till too late in the year, python it’ll be over.

Famous Snakes

President of the PRC Xi Jinping; Harry Potter author JK Rowling; Harry Potter actor Daniel Radcliffe; American actor Ben Stiller; American musician Bob Dylan; US television star Oprah Winfrey

Guiding hexagram from the Yi-Jing (Book of Changes)

Duration. Success. No blame. Perseverance furthers. It furthers one to have somewhere to go.

Thunder and wind: the image of duration. Thus the superior man stands firm and does not change his direction.

Nine in the second place means remorse disappears.

All snakes please note - remorse is in abeyance this year. The superior man may not change his direction, but snakes can. Your time to indulge any and all selfish desires, regardless of the consequences for other human beings, let alone animals or the environment, has finally come. You have a forked tongue, use it.

Water Snake

10 Feb 2013 - 30 Jan 2014
14 Feb 1953 - 02 Feb 1954

Metal Snake

24 Jan 2001 - 11 Feb 2002
27 Jan 1941 - 14 Feb 1942

Earth Snake

06 Feb 1989 - 26 Jan 1990
10 Feb 1929 - 29 Jan 1930

Fire Snake

18 Feb 1977 - 06 Feb 1978
23 Jan 1917 - 10 Feb 1918

Wood Snake

02 Feb 1965 - 20 Jan 1966
04 Feb 1905 - 24 Jan 1906

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