Where to roost

Remember, our property spread overlays a map of Hong Kong, and the influences are the same if applied to your home or office. 

No quarter of our property chart has the home element matched with a visiting star of the same element. It’s a matter, then, of paying attention to how you polish those stars, and which direction you make them shine. But where will it shine the most? The retail property sector has taken a beating and more than a few bears are claiming that there’ll be downward pressure on real estate this year. That does not bode well for the Island, plus the airport and Sai Kung also have the stars against them. All three areas have the claw rating, so you’ll need tenacious claws to get something there.

You’ll have to polish extra hard to get some baubles in those places. With Hong Kong ranked the most unaffordable city in the world for the sixth year running, there may be some more footage for your dollar coming your way.

Where to look? The north sits well, as does Lantau - cockscombs for them, and if you don’t want to wear such headgear when out that way, just gel your hair a little. The lower Peninsula, and the north-east and north-west, look reasonable and get our wattle and wing ratings respectively.

Great: Cockscomb
Good: Wattle
Not so bad: Wing
Avoid: Claw
Home elements: Metal
Annual star: Earth 2
Zodiac sign: Dog NW1/Pig NW3
Dogs and pig hunt for truffles, it'll be a long day.

The Two Black star is known for bringing disease and mishaps, but it’s not strong this year so we expect little more than a gurney at Pok Oi hospital losing a wheel. There are ways to ensure you’re not on that gurney: have on you something bronze that belongs to a set of six (six being metal). Can’t think of anything? Perhaps one of those gurney wheels?
Home elements: Water
Annual star: Metal 6
Zodiac sign: Rat N2
Ratty buys a mouse-hole, fully furnished and close to all cheeses.

Six White is the star and clover is what you’re in. No need for prophylactics or apotropaic concoctions, this is where the money is. Even with the RMB falling further, expect those well-dressed cousins from Beijing to cross Lo Wu checkpoint with tons of cash falling out their pockets. Either that or property in Sheung Shui is about to go stratospheric.
Home elements: Earth
Annual star: Wood 4
Zodiac sign:Ox NE1/Tiger NE3
Ox and Tiger go to a B&S Ball, they win the lucky draw.

Less than ideal as that’s where the Five Yellows (Wu Wang) are holding court; their bag of tricks involves unexpected troubles and major illnesses. Mostly you’ll want to focus on mitigation, thus grey furnishings and bronze implements or strings of coins placed underneath will assist. The Suipo, Year Breaker, star is also here so no renovations!
Home elements: Metal
Annual star: Wood 3
Zodiac sign: Rooster W2
This year even the Rooster lays eggs.

Just because the Tai Sui sits in the west doesn’t mean the third runway at Chek Lap Kok won’t be built, it will, just not this year. The Three Emerald star is also dining at the airport and that’ll bring a little spice. Expect to have your credentials questioned. The best way to counter the forces in the west is to wear a bronze-coloured lion and elephant suit.
Home elements: Earth
Annual star: Water 1
Zodiac sign: All and One Together
Still waters run deep and flower vases are what you make of them.

One White, our star of love and good fortune, moves to the centre. Water improves all chances, so those hotels with the bathroom in the middle of the room . . . their year has finally come. Flower vases, real ones not the euphemism, in the centre of your house will help all relationships. If you’re already in one, keep the vase size moderate, too much of a good thing.
Home elements: Wood
Annual star: Earth 8
Zodiac sign: Rabbit E2
Rabbit in the hutch, someone threw away the key.

Not the best of years in this direction, the Three Killings and Year Breaker are in town. If you can avoid them you’ll find the Eight White star here as well, a sign of decent monetary returns. Adding fire to the mix will help the auspicious elements rise. To help monetise this, make sure you’re not cluttering up this direction, and move the fish tank elsewhere.
Home elements: Earth
Annual star: Metal 7
Zodiac sign: Goat SW1/Monkey SW3
Goat and Monkey buy one and get one free.

Seven Red is quartered here. Never quite developed past six years old, this chap likes breaking things. So the following should be stored in this direction: bread, legs, records, bad habits, stories, falls, new ground, ice and dawn (bit tricky). We applaud Ngong Ping Cable Car’s out-of-service notice for the first half of 2017, well before Seven Red struts his stuff.
Home elements: Fire
Annual star: Earth 5
Zodiac sign: Horse S2
Horse gets his hooves stuck in the mud, the barn for you.

You’re hosting the Five Yellow star this year. Don’t sit or sleep in that direction unless you are a horse. Also, we see quite a lot of heat in the spleen - best stay away from humans as they’ll only make you irascible. Other preventative steps include massive sound waves, but be advised that the more you drive Five Yellow away, the more you’ll attract the police.
Home elements: Wood
Annual star: Fire 9
Zodiac sign: Dragon SE1/Snake SE3
Dragon and Snake slither to the front of the real-estate queue.

General felicitations and a podium finish come with the Nine Purple star as fire enters the wood domain. This may be the year to start a tech firm on Nam Tong Island. If you’ve been slaving away in the broom cupboard in the south-east corner at your office, expect a promotion to at least the coffee room. The direction is well-aspected for marriage and relationships.