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Looks like you may have an issue with the Tai Sui going after your money this year. The best solution is to use other people’s - those malevolent stars might be nasty, but they’re none too quick. Any dragon-shaped talisman should keep make-believe baddies under your hoofs. And if they get past that you can always kick up a fuss. Saddle up for a long ride, the front half of the year promises journeys far away and you’ve got the horsepower to see you through.


Don’t back the wrong horse here. In the battle between fire and metal, your respiratory system is going to be placed under stress - no horsing around please. Also, if you’re going a long distance beware you don’t become one of the hallowed blood-sweating horses; your skin is also going to be sensitive this year.


This year you’re ahead of the herd. In steed, it’s a one-horse race and you’re it. There are conditions of course - you must know where the course goes. If not, you’ll be wanting to change horses mid-stream. Don’t nag us if it sounds like we’re not ponying up the full story, someone mustang if they’re flogging a dead horse. Beware the Tai Sui!


All the stars of love are with you this year, the real and the apparent. How to tell the difference? If you don’t bridle at it, this might be a task that keeps you in the saddle for most of the year. When we say that a nod is as good as a wink, you’ll know what the mane story is.


You’re encouraged to take the bit and face it head on. If you find yourself hard up against the water cooler with some rough cowboys, remember they can only take you to the water - they can’t make you drink. There’s no rider to that scenario, it will be what you make of it.

Famous Horses

Hong Kong Chief Executive CY Leung; Taiwanese actress Karena Lam; Hollywood actor Harrison Ford; NBA basketball player Kobe Bryant; the Oracle of Omaha Warren Buffet; former Beatle Paul McCartney

Guiding hexagram from the Yi-Jing (Book of Changes)

The clinging. Perseverance furthers. It brings success. Care of the cow brings good fortune.

That which is bright rises twice: the image of fire. Thus the great man, by perpetuating this brightness, illumines the four quarters of the world.

Six in the fifth place means tears in floods, sighing and lamenting. Good fortune.

Horses may read this and not immediately see the good fortune, what with all the tears and flooding; but this is a holistic approach and you need to pair it with the care of the cow. Once you save the cow from the flood, you light a fire. The fire rises twice, first when you light it and second when you BBQ the cow. Friends aplenty with this BBQ, those of the horse persuasion may wish to regard this year as the one to invest in charcoal.

Wood Horse

31 Jan 2014 - 18 Feb 2015
03 Feb 1954 - 23 Jan 1955

Water Horse

12 Feb 2002 - 31 Jan 2003
15 Feb 1942 - 04 Feb 1943

Metal Horse

27 Jan 1990 - 14 Feb 1991
30 Jan 1930 - 16 Feb 1931

Earth Horse

07 Feb 1978 - 27 Jan 1979
11 Feb 1918 - 31 Jan 1919

Fire Horse

21 Jan 1966 - 08 Feb 1967
25 Jan 1906 - 12 Feb 1907

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