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Overall This year lynx in well with last year, but the fates are going to panther more to your needs, especially in the second half. For these first few months, you’ll need to leopard develop as it may. You’ll have a chance to rise high this year. Plenty of prey up in those branches, so make sure that you don’t stripe out. You will be visited by stars that make you forget revenge and hatred. It’s time to go to a temple and eat some of the monks - you’ll feel better very quickly.


You’ve been giving for years; tiger bone plaster and all those other curiosities we cannot name in this family edition. Pad around carefully, notably through the first month and then until mid-year. You might want to put a tiger in the tank, a little tiger’s milk might be what the doctor ordered. Pay attention to transport this year - we’re not kitten.


The stars say that going to work this year will work for you. We advise Tigers who work alone to stick to your guns and perhaps refrain from immediately taking everything that appears in front of you. The work savannah will provide enough for all to eat.


Neither tiger roars nor kitten mews are in your stars for love. But something may well come your way, so sit yourself down on a nice tropical beach under a tiger balm and watch for what delicacies may appear in front of you.


Tiger mothers? Back in the closet please - those remnants of a nasty patriarchal order bring nothing to your future. Work hard, but don’t bite your colleagues, or keep tabbies on out-of-work events and that feast you can see not too far away will get closer - no-one will grab your tail.

Famous tigers

Hollywood actor Leonardo Di Caprio; Hong Kong businesswoman Pansy Ho; American singer Lady Gaga; Malaysian actress Michelle Yeoh

Guiding hexagram from the Yi-Jing (Book of Changes)

Biting through has success. It is favourable to let justice be administered.

Thunder and lightning: the image of biting through. Thus the kings of former times made firm the laws through clearly defined penalties.

Nine at the top means his neck is fastened in the wooden cangue, so that his ears disappear. Misfortune.

Hmmm . . . tiger, biting through. That’s got to be hard to resist. Nonetheless, unless you’re contemplating a career as a large sumo wrestler, then having your neck and ears disappear is not something to welcome. Though if you do lose them, there are websites that advertise parts of tiger. Good luck.

Metal Tiger

14 Feb 2010 - 02 Feb 2011
17 Feb 1950 - 05 Feb 1951

Earth Tiger

28 Jan 1998 - 15 Feb 1999
31 Jan 1938 - 18 Feb 1939

Fire Tiger

09 Feb 1986 - 28 Jan 1987
13 Feb 1926 - 01 Feb 1927

Wood Tiger

23 Jan 1974 - 10 Feb 1975
26 Jan 1914 - 13 Feb 1915

Water Tiger

05 Feb 1962 - 24 Jan 1963
08 Feb 1902 - 28 Jan 1903

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