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Tai Sui is approaching and he has a hankering for cotton tail. Less exertion from you (that’s what servants are for); be careful of entanglements involving cars; and when we say take a pig amulet with you for protection, that doesn’t mean pinning bits of bacon to you and snacking through the day. Do you go down the rabbit hole or stay in the headlights? The perennial question for floppy ears. This year may bring many things a bunny wants, lettuce eat!


Whatever illnesses may be waiting for you, the stars have promised that they’re hare today and gone tomorrow. You do know the phrase ‘tomorrow is a long time’, right? A little more care, particularly when driving is needed - the brake is that unused pedal near the other one. March and September are not months you want to forget to brush your teeth.


This may not be the year you become the mogul you’ve always dreamed of being. But buck up, if someone says to you they like the carrot-and-stick approach we’re pretty sure the word stick doesn’t get through to your consciousness. At a certain level, money is like bunnies - more breeding doesn’t make you happier. Are we there yet?


Rabbits aren’t made for love, it’s just too tiring to do all that feeling stuff after you’ve tried to mate with anything warm within a 10-mile radius. Nonetheless, perhaps you should try. After all, with the Tai Sui in your corner, if you don’t like someone, all you need to do is wait a minute or two and he’ll change your mind. (Yes, it does work the other way as well, thanks for asking.)


See those cameras up in the corner, you don’t think they can but they capture every little rabbit punch you make. Be nice to those you work with, they might even pull something out of their hats for you.

Famous Rabbits

Hollywood actress Drew Barrymore; Former England and Man Utd footballer David Beckham; Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie and actor Brad Pitt; Chinese actor Jet Li; American golfer Tiger Woods; Hong Kong actress and singer Charmaine Sheh.

Guiding hexagram from the Yi-Jing (Book of Changes)

Judgement Shock brings success. Shock comes - oh oh! Laughing words - ha ha! The shock terrifies for a hundred miles, and he does not let fall the sacrificial spoon and chalice.

Thunder repeated: the image of shock. Thus in fear and trembling, the superior man sets his life in order and examines himself.

Nine at the beginning means shock comes - oh oh! Then follow laughing words - ha ha! Good fortune.

Finally, a Feng Shui text which channels the voice of the rabbit. No mention of lettuce, but perhaps the authors of this text weren’t keen on salad anyway. So rabbit, no need to put on a logical or rational mien, your year of public scattiness is upon you. By the way, spoon and chalice are for eating lettuce.

Metal Rabbit

03 Feb 2011 - 22 Jan 2012
06 Feb 1951 - 26 Jan 1952

Earth Rabbit

16 Feb 1999 - 04 Feb 2000
19 Feb 1939 - 07 Feb 1940

Fire Rabbit

29 Jan 1987 - 16 Feb 1988
02 Feb 1927 - 22 Jan 1928

Wood Rabbit

11 Feb 1975 - 30 Jan 1976
14 Feb 1915 - 02 Feb 1916

Water Rabbit

25 Jan 1963 - 12 Feb 1964
29 Jan 1903 - 15 Feb 1904

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