Our Rooster jumped a bit too early in 2005, but found his footing by the year-end. Meanwhile, it did much better in 1993 tracking the Hang Seng Index market moves.

2005 Wood Rooster

The Wood Rooster HSI shuffled his feathers, pecked at some grain and got out of bed late. It was halfway through the year before he announced dawn. In July the index was pretty much where it had been in February, but it was a golden summer and midway through August it had risen 15%. The cock of the walk then fell from his roost and gave poultry returns until the year turned. For the New Year he pullet’ed out and ended on the high perch.

  • 15 Feb: Youtube launched.
  • 12 Mar: Hong Kong chief executive Tung Chee Hwa resigns.
  • 27 Apr: First commercial flight of the Airbus A380.
  • 30 Jun: Spain legalises same-sex marriage.
  • 7 Jul: Bomb in London kills 52 people.
  • 12 Sep: Hong Kong Disneyland opens.
  • 12 Oct: Launch of Shenzhou 6, the second manned Chinese spaceflight.
  • 22 Nov: Angela Merkel becomes Germany’s first female Chancellor.

1993 Water Rooster

The Water Rooster strutted around like a barnyard fowl, bantoming with anyone who would listen and had a dubbing. It was October before he re-donned his cockscomb, stopped playing the domesticated bird and put the leg into leghorn. No pheasant-plucker’s son, he then flew high to the end of the year, at which point cocksure turned to poppycock and the chickens started coming home to roost. A small dip before he crested again.

  • 26 Feb: World Trade Center bomb kills seven people.
  • 27 Mar: Jiang Zemin appointed President of the PRC.
  • 21 Apr: Hong Kong officially rescinds the death penalty.
  • 27 May: Mafia bomb the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, six die.
  • 2 Jun: Japanese Crown Prince Naruhito marries.
  • 9 Aug: King Albert II crowned in Belgium.
  • 23 Sep: Sydney selected as host city for 2000 Olympics.
  • 19 Oct: Benazir Bhutto elected Pakistan’s Prime Minister for second time.
  • 1 Nov: Maastricht Treaty on the EU comes into effect.
  • 30 Dec: The Vatican recognises Israel.

1981 Metal Rooster

The Metal Rooster cocked it up before he began winging it back. He dropped 25% in the first two months to have everyone’s tail feathers in a spin. From May to July, he thought he was Foghorn Leghorn, leaping to heights unseen and blowing loud with his bluster. Yet the higher they fly . . . by October he was nothing more than chicken feed, dropping to the low point of the year. Given a gallus reprieve, he egged himself back up a little to finish still a distance from his perch.

  • 17 Feb: Socialite Paris Hilton is born.
  • 14 Apr: The first space shuttle returns to earth.
  • 29 May: Chinese political leader Song Qingling dies.
  • 1 Jun: First issue of the English-language China Daily newspaper.
  • 17 Jul: Israeli bombers destroy PLO headquarters in Beirut.
  • 12 Aug: IBM introduces its first personal computer.
  • 15 Sep: Vanuatu joins the United Nations.
  • 10 Oct: Japanese government releases new list of standard characters.
  • 20 Nov: Anatoly Karpov retains World Chess Championship title.
  • 3 Dec: The Sony PlayStation goes on sale.

1969 Earth Rooster

The Dow Earth Rooster began on a high and spent the rest of the year filleting himself and cackling madly all the way down. Ahead of his time, this earth bird plummeted down by promoting lean meat - dropping nearly 20% of his weight. Truly a Gallus Horribilis. All that can be said in his favour is that he flew with the flock, from 1966 to 1982 the index shed two-thirds of its value - beware the falling Rooster, it falls for thee!

  • 19 Feb: First test flight of the Boeing 747.
  • 7 Apr: Official birth of the Internet.
  • 2 May: Maiden voyage of the QE2 from Southampton to New York.
  • 21 Jul: Neil Armstrong becomes first man to walk on the moon.
  • 15 Aug: The Woodstock Festival kicks off.
  • 23 Sep: China conducts its first successful underground nuclear test.
  • 21 Oct: Willy Brandt elected Chancellor of West Germany.
  • 24 Nov: Birth of the Hang Seng Index.
  • 1 Dec: The Sumitomo Bank introduces Japan’s first ATM.
  • 16 Jan: Muammar Gaddafi formally takes over power in Libya.