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Well, Atilla the Hen, it’s your year to strut: a little extra preening is expected. This year, you are afflicted with the Tai Sui, so favour repose over movement, take care to avoid emotional tangles and health problems. The elderly can stave off disease with a dragon-shaped talisman, though a certain weakening of the mind may ensue. Alternatively, you could always threaten those stars with a little avian flu. Who says you’re an armless bird?


Shouldn’t be anything stuck in your craw this year, no need to walk on eggshells - though be careful of the trimmings such as teeth, throat and skin in March and September. Fluff up those feathers and step out, cross the road as much as you like, if you get to the other side the stars say that you’ve a clean bill of health. Could this mean you are being fattened for the pot?


If you’ve already feathered your nest, this year lie back and enjoy the high-quality grain you’ve gathered. All the plans you hatched have come home to roost and this is no chicken feed. For those who can see past this year it might be an idea to rearrange which baskets your eggs are in, as who knows when that Tai Sui scrambling machine will loom large on the horizon.


Chicken in love? You don’t have the love star visiting this year (concentrate on life instead, silver linings and all that), but the hutch is looking attractive so don’t be surprised if the Rooster crows more than you anticipate. A less-stable roost than last year for your relationships to be perched on means that it won’t all be sunny-side up.


A year of much squawking and remaining hard-boiled, you get the chicken after hatching the egg. You’re tied to the tribulations of the wider world and this year you have to be in feet and feathers. No need to brood over it, be your own mother hen and get down to work. The Tai Sui can only interfere as much as you let him.

Famous Roosters

Chinese actress and singer Fan Bingbing; British actor Michael Caine; Chinese artist and activist Ai Weiwe; British musician Eric Clapton; American actress Goldie Hawn; Hong Kong politician Carrie Lam

Guiding hexagram from the Yi-Jing (Book of Changes)

Increase. It furthers one to undertake something. It furthers one to cross the great water.

Wind and thunder: the image of increase. Thus the superior man if he sees good, he imitates it; if he has faults, he rids himself of them.

Six in the second place means someone does indeed increase him; 10 pairs of tortoises cannot oppose it. Constant perseverance brings good fortune. The king presents him before God. Good fortune.

Kings and God are all well and good, but if 10 pairs of tortoises cannot wind this back, what hope do mere mortals have? One interpretation has you crossing the harbour to eat KFC - this will surely lead to increase. Pedants note the existence of this text preceding the advent of KFC. Others decry the tyranny of Cartesian notions of time.

Wood Rooster

09 Feb 2005 - 28 Jan 2006
13 Feb 1945 - 01 Feb 1946

Water Rooster

23 Jan 1993 - 09 Feb 1994
26 Jan 1933 - 13 Feb 1934

Metal Rooster

05 Feb 1981 - 24 Jan 1982
08 Feb 1921 - 27 Jan 1922

Earth Rooster

17 Feb 1969 - 05 Feb 1970
22 Jan 1909 - 09 Feb 1910

Fire Rooster

31 Jan 1957 - 17 Feb 1958
21 Feb 1897 - 21 Jan 1898

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