Kung Hei Fat Choy!

Year of the 

Fire Monkey
Happy Lunar New Year

Monkey business

How will you and the Hang Seng Index fare with the primate in 2016? Our Feng Shui guide, now in its 22nd incarnation, offers an alternative look at what’s in store this year to help the luck flow in your direction.

Like astrologists summoned in the West by politicians and lesser mortals, Feng Shui masters are valued in the Orient by those looking to foretell the future. If you're running a hedge fund, no doubt you'll take our sorcerer’s view on the year ahead with a pinch of salt, but curiosity if not superstition may get the better of you.

So stop monkeying around and scroll down to see all manner of forecasts. Our longstanding health warning holds: don’t be a silly monkey and take it too seriously!

Some predictions - All the thrills and spills

New antibiotic brought to market - herbal source declared protected plant · Cloud bursts in massive internet security leak - nothing remains private · South China Sea shipwreck, submerged construction rubble blamed · Google announces new device to allow “reverse smell” searches - pop in your sample to locate the accursed source · “VR disease” explodes with record numbers refusing to remove their Virtual Reality goggles. New “strictly analog” wings planned for psych hospitals · Robot pet plague. Rogue Aibos on the loose, terrify Zoomer Kittys off the street · Major liberalisation in Vietnam as wealth effect prompts popular movement ·
First singing chimp hits top 40 with hip-hop screech track, Bape-attack! · Spate of power blackouts hit global bank data-servers - exposes downside of digital assets · La Nina blamed for record-low temperatures · Air-borne disease threatens Rio Games · Celebrity engagement hits a snag · Gold rallies in September · Mike Nesmith reforms Monkees · New star rises with Elvis Presley covers · Shabani the gorilla releases a line of fragrances · Google translate includes emojis · Plastics cure discovered - harmless chemical hastens decomposition of previously “longlife” pollutant · Oil pricing goes negative; Saudi starts paying people to take the stuff

And here's our forecast!

CLSA Feng Shui Index, 2016

On Monday, 8 February, the Fire Monkey swings into action. Again, we attempt to plot the pattern and relative magnitude of the HSI’s monthly movements in the year ahead using a Fortune Scale of +10 to -4. The spirits forbid us from associating ourselves with any number masquerading as a scientifically determined HSI target! Get set for a recovery after an awful start to the calendar year!

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Previous Monkey Years

How did we fare? Not too shabby!

Our Monkey missed the early fall in 2004, but found the bananas by year-end, and while a little extreme in '92, our Feng Shui Index still tracked key market moves.

Historically, monkey years see conflict and longer-term change. So make sure you hang on to those swinging vines!


So what's Feng Shui?

Earthly forces at play

In China, life successes or failures are often less attributed to human action as they are to do with the workings of mysterious earth forces known as Feng Shui. 

Whether you are making an investment, arranging furniture, travelling abroad or choosing a spouse, timing and positioning in accordance with Feng Shui is crucial to achieve prosperity, health and happiness.

Our forecasts for the Hang Seng are based on the interplay of the destiny chart, or Bazi for the year, and the birth date of the Hang Seng Index (24 November, 1969), an "Earth Rooster”.

This is a Fire Monkey year, and in the chart Fire sits atop Metal, which has capacity for bringing about conflict. But the Fire is benign, and there is enough Water hidden in the Earth Rooster’s chart to withstand a scorching.

In the 60-year Stems and Branches, or fiddlesticks as we call them, this is a year to set things up for a stronger future. That’s good news for China as it sets about shoring up its “One Belt, One Road” strategy with wealth and security two guiding motives for the country’s modern Journey to the West. We also take a look at the fortunes of the Zodiac, some celebrities and offer guidance for deflecting negative energies.

Bazi - Interplay determines our forecasts


Where to invest your precious funds

Metal and Water dominate the beginning of the year and both finish strongly. Fire flares mid-year which burns our Earth Rooster’s feathers. Wood runs to around the same level as Water, but Fire is scorching some of it.

Silver and gold, autos, financials,
gaming, transport and machinery
are all set to prosper.


The Zodiac

What sign are you?

Affliction deflection

How to mitigate negative energy

Feng Shui determines the points on the compass assigned to potential negative energies, or malevolent qi in their various guises. The usual suspects are the Tai Sui, Tsui Po, San Sha and Wu Wang: ghostly forces meandering across the fengshui firmament, so if the predictions are not in your favour, purchase a cannister of reality and breathe deep . . . you’ll be fine.

Tai Sui is camped out in South-West 3 this year, and since he hates earthworks, expect further delays to the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau bridge.



How will these famous faces fare in the Year of the Fire Monkey?

Who will be running the circus from the monkey cage? Will Trump trump in the US presidential election or can Clinton trip his rising star? Perhaps the Pope can provide some divine intervention - it certainly looks like newly elected Taiwanese leader Tsai Ing-wen may need some. And Lei Jun looks primed to strut his stuff as does Tang Wei.

Property Outlook

Good, bad, so so

We highlight hotspots and notspots in Hong Kong worth your attention. 

East and West are best; don't dig in the South-West; and Central's not looking too good


Good luck with this year's monkey business!