The Zodiac

What sign are you?

And who shares it with you?


Nose up: the fox is in the henhouse and the game’s afoot, no need to be hounded by those above you. Nose down: it could be a mongrel of a year, but don’t cur(se) about it or let it dog you. You might spend a lot of time chasing hubcaps but remember, someone is always going to see a man about a dog - you’ve not been forgotten! There’s not a lucky star in sight, but the wicked ones are no more ferocious than a poodle getting its nails done.


You’ll want to corral whatever was going on last year - don’t let those intestinal worries worm their way through to this one. You have the tablets, take them, failing that the hair of the dog might be what you’re after. No need to mutter anything.


You’ll want to dachshund into the bank, pointer at the counter, and retriever the money. Make sure to hang around lamp posts and mark your territory. Perhaps even put up the sign “cave canem”, if the volcano can’t dog your days who else will try? No need to be as mean as a junkyard dog, but be aware that every dog has his day and this is possibly not yours.


Is this the year for the shaggy dog story? Those with puppy eyes take heart, the lost dogs’ home is open for business and it’s, well, raining cats and dogs (the former for those keen on miscegenation). You don’t have to spend the year alone in the doghouse, March, May and November are looking good for getting up with fleas.


This year the bark is worse than the bite: not a year for climbing up that slippery pole, but a year to take paws and turn several circles and mark that territory. Not a good year to keep nipping at the heels of the top dogs, unless you’re particularly interested in having a dog’s life. Let sleeping dogs lie, they say, for you that means lie in wait, that chance will come.

Famous Dogs

Madonna; David Bowie (Vale the Diamond Dog!); Chinese tennis player Li Na; former US president George W Bush.

Guiding hexagram from the Yi-Jing (Book of Changes)

Gathering Together. Success. The king approaches his temple. It furthers one to see the great man. This brings success. Perseverance furthers. To bring great offerings creates good fortune.

Over the earth, the lake: the image of Gathering Together. Thus the superior man renews his weapons in order to meet the unforeseen.

Six at the beginning means if you are sincere, but not to the end, there will sometimes be confusion, sometimes gathering together. If you call out, then after one grasp of the hand you can laugh again.

Laugh again dog, the cat is going to get it where it hurts. No, maybe this is about something else. Fighting the unforeseen and a dog without sincerity? The world has gone mad. Follow the king to the temple, perhaps he will talk to the grasshopper, perhaps not. Good luck!

Fire Dog

29 Jan 2006 - 17 Feb 2007
02 Feb 1946 - 21 Jan 1947

Wood Dog

10 Feb 1994 - 30 Jan 1995
14 Feb 1934 - 03 Feb 1935

Water Dog

25 Jan 1982 - 12 Feb 1983
28 Jan 1922 - 15 Feb 1923

Metal Dog

06 Feb 1970 - 26 Jan 1971
10 Feb 1910 - 29 Jan 1911

Earth Dog

18 Feb 1958 - 07 Feb 1959
22 Jan 1898 - 09 Feb 1899

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