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Any year that you’re not having a better time than everyone else seems like a bad one. This might not be the best year to get caught up in your own mythology. Your finances are looking decent, but you can normally smelt metal just by breathing. Oh, and a quick word to your parents - more people are born in dragon years than any other, which makes competition for limited opportunities all the more fun, right?


Scaly, scabrous you might want to take a little more care this year. Mental health over physical is suggested. Tough as you lot are, on the inside  you’re just cute little hurtin’ serpents with fragile egos. If someone says something nasty about your tail, don’t waste all that energy incinerating them - help them get a new set of glasses.


Your sources of stable income are stable at best. This is not a year when you’ll be tipping the scales with your dripping jewels. Winter dragons do better earlier in the year; the others later. Whatever the case, don’t be draggin’ your feet or your hoard will start to melt away.


Dragon Lady? Is that you or who you’re looking for? Might be time to reappraise this term. However, you don’t want the scales to fall from your intended’s eyes - he or she might end up thinking you’re a mere wyvern. You only have three months to make your advances, but that should be plenty for you to claw your way into anyone’s heart.


With water and fire changing over this year, you’ll want to make sure the various dragon kings keep an eye out for you. Yellow dragons are good at listening to libationers - this might be a good time to breathe deeply into their ears.

Famous Dragons

Martial artist Bruce Lee

Guiding hexagram from the Yi-Jing (Book of Changes)

Persevering: Success. No blame. It furthers one to have somewhere to go.

Thunder and wind: the image of Perseverance. Thus the superior man stands firm and does not change his direction.

Nine in the fourth place means no game in the field.

Hehe, hehe, hehe . . . no game in the field. All those wild birds have flown, ever wonder why, Dragon? Surely it’s because you’re so kind and considerate. Also, see above where it notes ‘duration’, the image that should come to mind is of people listening to you. You think that’s the normal state of affairs, all well and good. Note also that it’s in your interests to have somewhere to go. If you’re not sure of where that may be, then ask those listening to you, they may have some advice.

Water Dragon

23 Jan 2012 - 09 Feb 2013
27 Jan 1952 - 13 Feb 1953

Metal Dragon

05 Feb 2000 - 23 Jan 2001
08 Feb 1940 - 26 Jan 1941

Earth Dragon

17 Feb 1988 - 05 Feb 1989
23 Jan 1928 - 09 Feb 1929

Fire Dragon

31 Jan 1976 - 17 Feb 1977
03 Feb 1916 - 22 Jan 1917

Wood Dragon

13 Feb 1964 - 01 Feb 1965
16 Feb 1904 - 03 Feb 1905

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