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Put on kneepads for those funny little legs of yours since you’ll be at the back of the coop on your knees lighting joss and praying a lot to the patron saint of roosting. You’ll find challenges flocking in; best not to grouse about them. Beaks to the ground and feathers crossed and you’ll make it through. The high point of the year will be not falling off the perch.


You have an evil star lurking in your hutch. The chicken catchers have their eyes on your liver and kidneys, and if they invite you for a swim in August then proffer your best poultry excuse to avoid their fowl plans. Traffic accidents are indicated, so perhaps this is not the year to take up crossing the road.


Looks like a pheasant year ahead for you. What price a reputation? The money you’ll make may be chicken-feed to others, but this is the time for rising up the pecking order in your line of work. Your bank account is not going to take wing, but if you don’t go off half-cocked, we’re sure you can pullet off.


A Rooster’s heart is small but mighty and this year new coops may be on the menu. Year-end might get a little messy as all those chicks get put together, but before that happens you’ve a chance to be cock-a-hoop; South-East is the direction those steroids they’re feeding you will have you look.


A higher perch is calling, but Roosters note that the straight road leads only to the abattoir. Expect obstacles and fowl play. May might be a good time for spring chickens to fly out of the hutch and grab pole position before the others come home to roost.

Famous Roosters

Actress and singer Fan Bingbing; artist and activist Ai Weiwei and HK politician Carrie Lam.

Guiding hexagram from the Yi-Jing (Book of Changes)

The Gentle. Success through what is small. It furthers one to have somewhere to go. It furthers one to see the great man.

Winds following one upon the other: the image of the Gently Penetrating. Thus the superior man spreads his commands abroad and carries out his undertakings.

Nine in the fifth place means perseverance brings good fortune. Remorse vanishes. No beginning, but an end. Before the change, three days. After the change, three days. Good fortune.

No remorse is good, and if you’ve never done anything to be remorseful about, then you have one in the bank. The three days thing is good - we think it means moving to the French Riviera and not working so much.

Wood Rooster

09 Feb 2005 - 28 Jan 2006
13 Feb 1945 - 01 Feb 1946

Water Rooster

23 Jan 1993 - 09 Feb 1994
26 Jan 1933 - 13 Feb 1934

Metal Rooster

05 Feb 1981 - 24 Jan 1982
08 Feb 1921 - 27 Jan 1922

Earth Rooster

17 Feb 1969 - 05 Feb 1970
22 Jan 1909 - 09 Feb 1910

Fire Rooster

31 Jan 1957 - 17 Feb 1958
21 Feb 1897 - 21 Jan 1898

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