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It’s your year, so time to don your red socks and smalls. But you’ve got the Tai Sui and some other nasties crowding in. You’ll want to watch out for squabbles in the branches about you at work and the patterns on the ground - if the contract says five bananas for free, check the fine print. At some point you’ll be back brooding in a cave, but a weekly audit of your candles and rations will see you through.


February and August would be a good time not to monkey around with your cell phone while driving. Lots of liquid will keep the gremlins and Tai Sui at bay: brush your teeth, shower once a month and juice those bananas. The Jianfeng star is also threatening, so those who work in timber mills may want to avoid the bandsaw.


You know those nuts you put away for a rainy day? Don’t make any big jungle calls or you might find yourself huddled in a cave nibbling your final stash - ‘peanuts in, peanuts out’ is your motto for the year. If you’re the chimp running the tuckshop at the zoo, make sure the sharks pay, otherwise that’ll be your pocket.


Last year the auspicious red phoenix came-a-calling and if something began then, it’s time to put it on a more solid footing, marriage by any other name  -  and remember that one happiness can keep three miseries at bay. Monkeys are at risk of preening a little too much in the mirror this year, don’t fall for yourself, fall for another - they are out there.


You have enough wicked stars in your stars so make sure you have a strategy in place before you go ape. The beginning and end of the year are full of obstacles so summon your magic monkey cloud and make the most of the opportunities that do present. Making your own luck brings rewards.

Famous Fire Monkeys

HK actor and singer Nicholas Tse; businesswoman Wendi Deng Murdoch; actor and singer Leslie Cheung; martial artist and actor Lo Mang; politician Leung Kwok-hung also known as Longhair; film maker Wong Ka-wai; actor Tom Hanks and model wife Jerry Hall.

Guiding hexagram from the Yi-Jing (Book of Changes)

The Clinging. Perseverance furthers. It brings success. Care of the cow brings good fortune.

That which is bright rises twice: the image of fire. Thus the great man, by perpetuating this brightness, illumines the four quarters of the world.

Nine in the third place means in the light of the setting sun, men either beat the pot and sing or loudly bewail the approach of old age. Misfortune.

We think this means that if you are running a dairy and it all goes south then you should take up busking in Central. The fire is the sun going down, in more than oriental splendour, as reflected in the buildings. Sing your heart out!

Fire Monkey

08 Feb 2016 - 27 Jan 2017
12 Feb 1956 - 30 Jan 1957

Wood Monkey

22 Jan 2004 - 08 Feb 2005
25 Jan 1944 - 12 Feb 1945

Water Monkey

04 Feb 1992 - 22 Jan 1993
06 Feb 1932 - 25 Jan 1933

Metal Monkey

16 Feb 1980 - 04 Feb 1981
20 Feb 1920 - 07 Feb 1921

Earth Monkey

16 Feb 1980 - 04 Feb 1981
20 Feb 1920 - 07 Feb 1921

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