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Pigsy is the helper of Monkey. Though you may be assailed by swine at every turn, remember the monkey has not forgotten you and that you still have something in the piggy-bank, no-one else need be bringing home your bacon. The spring and autumn forecasts are for rain, do you want to be a pig in mud? Summon your inner razorback. You’ll not be hogging the limelight, but you’re no ruminant.


Piglet, while the Flying Stars this year see the No.2 Illness Star at centre stage, which threatens an outbreak of communicable disease, we’re confident it isn’t a new strain of Swine Flu. Your health is looking good, although rest is encouraged from September. Best not bore everyone with details of your rashers. They’re minor and will clear up.


For those warthogs roaming the savannah of self-employment and consultancy, this year is a good one to survey the clover laid out before you. For those whose coin comes in regularly, you’ll need to shout that you’ve got the right stuff if you want more of it.


Swine, women and song. You were made for love, oink oink! The Tai Sui will try to send you to the piggery. But remember, the more you’re rejected, the closer you get to the piggyback that will lift your piggy spirits and the one that will allow you to make a pig of yourself. Pearls before swine is just what you want!


Well, once upon a time there was an animal farm, and the pigs did rather well. Wonder where that farm may be today? Patience and perseverance, and it’s the early pig who gets the promotion - just make sure that’s not a sale of fresh pork at the supermarket.

Famous Pigs

US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton; Taiwanese director Hou Hsiao-Hsien; singer Sa Dingding

Guiding hexagram from the Yi-Jing (Book of Changes)

Return. Success. Going out and coming in without error. Friends come without blame. To and fro goes the way. On the seventh day comes return. It furthers one to have somewhere to go.

Thunder within the earth: the image of the Turning Point. The kings of antiquity closed the passes at the time of solstice. Merchants and strangers did not go about, and the ruler did not travel through the provinces.

Nine at the beginning means return from a short distance. No need for remorse. Great good fortune.

So Pigsy, did you read that bit just above - yes, you can visit the fridge at 3am for just another little bit of cake and not feel bad about it. The great good fortune comes from you buying shares in that bakery.

Fire Pig

18 Feb 2007 - 06 Feb 2008
22 Jan 1947 - 09 Feb 1948

Wood Pig

31 Jan 1995 - 18 Feb 1996
04 Feb 1935 - 23 Jan 1936

Water Pig

13 Feb 1983 - 01 Feb 1984
16 Feb 1923 - 04 Feb 1924

Metal Pig

27 Jan 1971 - 14 Feb 1972
30 Jan 1911 - 17 Feb  1912

Earth Pig

08 Feb 1959 - 27 Jan 1960
10 Feb 1899 - 30 Jan 1900

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