Global media organisations regularly seek the views of CLSA’s analysts, economists and strategists.

Sep 15, 2023 / Hong Kong

Bloomberg: CLSA's Balanco on US, Asia Markets

CLSA Technical Analyst Laurence Balanco discusses US markets and China’s economic recovery. He speaks with David Ingles and Yvonne Man on “Bloomberg Markets: China Open”.

Sep 15, 2023 / Hong Kong

Bloomberg: 30th CITIC CLSA Investors’ Forum, CEO on Driverless Cars, Business Strategy

James Peng, co-founder and chief executive officer at Inc., discusses the company’s expansion plans for driverless cars, the business strategy and his outlook for the industry. He speaks exclusively on Bloomberg Television on the sidelines of the CITIC CLSA Investors’ Forum.

Sep 14, 2023 / Hong Kong

Bloomberg: China’s Challenge Is Move to Services Orientation: CLSA

“The real challenge for China is to move toward a services orientation and to grow consumption.” Shaun Cochran, head of research at CLSA, discusses China’s economy and his outlook for the US. He speaks on Bloomberg Television.