CITIC CLSA Trust provides financial and human capital to support communities in the markets where CITIC CLSA operates.

As the overseas platform for CITIC Securities’ global philanthropy efforts, the Trust funds charitable initiatives to make positive and sustainable social impact and implement CITIC Securities’ global philanthropy strategy, with key objectives in education improvement and poverty alleviation. The Trust also reserves funds for emergency aids in case of global or regional disastrous events.


CITIC CLSA employees are actively engaged in making a difference in their local communities. ​

Each year, our employees invest hundreds of hours volunteering in their local communities. From Hong Kong to Mumbai; Sydney to New York, CLSA employees support underprivileged and disenfranchised children, youth, adults and elderly.​

We engage in activities that range from renovating shelters for pregnant migrant mothers to cooking food for the elderly to cleaning up beaches.​


CITIC CLSA is an active proponent of responsible investing. ​

Through our award-winning research, events, investments and corporate initiatives, CITIC CLSA provides socially responsible investors visibility on environmental, social and governance issues impacting their investment mandates.​

CITIC CLSA was one of the first financial firms in Asia to write about pollution, carbon trading and ‘the greening of Asia’. Our sustainable research team regularly covers a range of issues from supply chain labor, to clean water, clean technology and corporate governance.​

CITIC CLSA’s asset management business, Capital Partners, considers ESG issues in portfolio company investments and follows the investment guidelines of the US Private Equity Growth Capital Council (PEGCC).​