Notice – Securities Trading Fraud, CLSA Securities (Thailand) Limited

Nov 23, 2023


CLSA Securities (Thailand) Limited (CLSA) would like to remind the public to remain vigilant to fraudulent securities trading platforms purporting to represent CLSA.

CLSA has been made aware of scams on such securities trading platforms where unauthorized and/or unrelated persons or companies fraudulently represent CLSA and/or its employees to approach potential investors and solicit funds through fictitious investment schemes, via telephone calls, emails, or social media channels (including Line or Facebook) or loan offers.

CLSA wishes to inform the public that it does not operate online securities trading platforms, nor does it operate online securities platform through joint venture/collaboration with third parties. Further, CLSA does not operate any investment schemes and it and/or its employees will not solicit funds from the public through any investment schemes.

CLSA would like to remind the public to remain vigilant to cyber fraud and to never divulge financial information to unknown third parties online or open hyperlinks, attachments and QR codes from any unfamiliar sources. Social engineering scams are common where fraudsters attempt to win the trust of victims and trick victims to disclose confidential information or give money to fraudsters. Fake phone calls, emails, malicious links on fake web pages, fake chat messages on social media like LINE can come from scammers. Members of the public should not share personal information on social media and should not disclose personal information until they can verify the identity of the person or entity, they are sharing their personal information with.

Concerned members of public who may have disclosed financial information to unknown third party online or conducted any transaction on a fraudulent platform (online or otherwise), should report the incident to the Thai Police immediately.

Thailand – ไทย