The 20th CITIC CLSA Japan Forum will take place in Tokyo on 21-23 May 2024



Tokyo, Japan – 20 March 2024: CITIC CLSA is pleased to announce that the Japan Forum 2024 will commence on 21 May at the Grand Hyatt Tokyo in Roppongi. The three-day event will feature an exceptional lineup of high-profile speakers and award-winning analysts, who will offer insightful perspectives to scores of senior executives from over 180 leading companies and more than 500 institutional investors from around the world.

The Nikkei index has broken bubble-era records, indicating a surge in investor confidence and market optimism. With inflation stabilising at 2% and the Bank of Japan shifting towards policy normalisation, Japan is on the cusp of a stronger economic outlook, with further support from increased wages and consumer spending. May will be the perfect time to explore these dynamics, and our Forum will focus on six pivotal themes: domestic disruption, improving corporate governance, macro economy, energy and defence, innovation and technology and China trends.

The Forum also offers unparalleled opportunities for corporate engagement, allowing delegates to connect with numerous up-and-coming companies. They will also have access to an extensive selection of one-on-one and group meetings with expert speakers, as well as nine domestic tours covering diverse sectors, including property, retail, gaming, luxury and automation.

Edward Park, Deputy Chief Executive Officer at CITIC CLSA, said, “The 20th CITIC CLSA Japan Forum is unmissable for investors seeking a deeper understanding of the nation’s rapidly-evolving economic landscape. Our conference will explore the policy shifts, market trends and technological advancements shaping Japan; provide exclusive access to industry leaders; and offer critical insights into growth drivers.”

Oliver Matthew, Japan Country Head at CLSA, said: “With positive changes in profits, wages and share prices, Japan has been getting more attention from global investors. We believe geopolitical shifts have placed the country in a unique position: critical to the tech supply chain and a key financial market that will benefit from ongoing fundamental improvements to corporate governance. This event comes at the perfect time to hear – and then leverage – essential ideas from business leaders and experts on prime domestic opportunities.”

Baifeng Hu, Management Committee Member and Co-Country Head of Japan at CITIC CLSA, added: “As an export-oriented economy, Japan both facilitates and benefits from worldwide consumer demand and strategic sector industrialisation. In addition to the Topix’s unprecedented rise, which has received support from earnings growth and low relative valuations, the size of the domestic PE/VC market has reached an all-time high. Our Forum will help investors navigate Japan’s policy reforms, demographic changes, groundbreaking innovation, and role in the global value chain to make informed decisions.”

Shaun Cochran, Head of Research at CLSA said, “Having soared to record highs not seen since 1989, Japan is a breakout market within Asia. This price action is sending a clear and important message that robust governance reforms for shareholders and vibrant wage growth for employees are reigniting the velocity of money. It is a profound shift that investors must get boots on the ground to understand.”




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