Corporate Access

CLSA provides a comprehensive, award-winning corporate access programme to institutional investors across the globe


CLSA’s award-winning corporate access programme comprises of Investor Forums, Access Days, Corporate Roadshows and Company Visits.

We provide global investors with unrivalled access to listed companies in Asia through a comprehensive corporate access programme. This includes five annual Investor Forums in Asia and more than 1,000 corporate access events that include roadshows, conference calls, industry-specific / multi-company access days and company visits.

CLSA’s considered and targeted approach to corporate access, ensures every meeting between corporations and investors provides the best possible opportunity for information exchange and ultimately, investment.

Investor Forums

CLSA’s investor forums are renowned for their original content, comprehensive corporate access and actionable investment insights.

A platform for knowledge exchange, CLSA’s investor forums examine the economic, political, financial, environmental and technological trends impacting global markets today.

Held annually in Hong Kong our flagship event, the CLSA Investors’ Forum, has established itself as a must-attend event for institutional investors invested in Asia-Pacific markets and the region’s largest corporates.

Gathering experts in technology, health, environmental and social issues, together with geopolitical specialists and global finance and economics gurus, the conference delivers thought-provoking insights and challenges norms and perceptions for five days. For CEOs, CLSA Investors’ Forum represents the ideal stage to deliver their corporate message to new and existing investors.

2020 forums

CITIC CLSA Japan Forum 2020 Virtual event 18-22 May 2020
CITIC CLSA Flagship Investors’ Forum 2020 Virtual event 8-16 September 2020
CITIC CLSA India Forum 2020 Virtual event 17-20 November 2020

Roadshow & Access Days

For 30 years, CLSA has been taking corporations on the road across Asia and the globe.

The CLSA corporate access team delivers award-winning roadshows and industry-specific access days for global investors to meet senior management of corporations face-to-face to learn about their investment strategies.

We also work hand-in-hand with listed companies to tailor the most effective and efficient corporate access strategy and schedules that target the intended investor base with maximum impact.

Company Visits

CLSA provides global investors with maximum exposure to the region’s corporate leaders.

To equip investors with a better understanding of emerging trends ahead of the curve, CLSA On-the-Road tours offer fund managers the opportunity to meet with leading players on-the-ground in the more remote or unusual parts of Asia.

The goal is to provide not only access to companies but also cities in which investors get to experience first-hand the local markets, cultures and the regional dynamics that underlie the economies.


CLSA has dedicated corporate access teams in Asia, Australia and Europe.

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