Global Equities


Since 1986, global investors have turned to CLSA for award-winning research, sales and execution services.

From our first office in Hong Kong, today CLSA has the largest, on-the-ground specialist research, sales and sales-trading teams in Asia covering 12 markets, including China and Australia.

Over the past three decades, CLSA has won numerous industry awards for our research, sales, corporate access and trading services.

Trading & Execution

CLSA’s global trading and execution services team of 140+ people is focused on best execution. We are the largest agency-only equity brokerage in Asia with exchange membership in 13 Asian exchanges.

Our high-touch trading, services, products, proprietary trading tools and access to liquidity ensure our buy-side trading clients receive dedicated, tailored solutions and direct access to China through our parent company, CITIC Securities.


  • Trading: High-Touch, Portfolio, Block, Electronic
  • Delta 1 Trading, P-Notes, Futures, Swaps and OTC Equity Derivatives
  • Futures’ Trading & Execution (Exchange membership in India, Korea and Thailand)
  • Equity Finance
  • Transaction Cost Analysis
  • Commission Sharing Agreements
  • Indexes

CLSA clients have access to ETFs backed by CLSA’s robust research through Hong Kong-based company Enhanced Investment Products Ltd. (EIP) Xie Shares. For more information:



Clearing and settlement is handled by SetClear, a wholly-owned subsidiary of CLSA. SetClear provides post-execution trade aggregation, clearing and settlement services.

ADAPTIVE AI Algo Trading

CLSA’s ADAPTIVE leverages the Neural Network; the machine learning technology behind ‘The Brain’ that utilises both public and proprietary data sources to train itself to identify volatility and predict intraday price movements simultaneously. Live news feed analysis powered by a Natural Language Processing engine allows ADAPTIVE to detect and react to momentum shifts as they occur.


ADAPTIVE Strategies


  • No longer stick to a traditional time-based fixed slicing schedule
  • Reacts to real-time market price and volume movements
  • Capture small price misplacements with ADAPTIVE signals
  • Achieves outperformance with reduced risk



  • ADAPTIVE signals puts Alpha into Inline strategies
  • Able to differentiate momentum and mean reversion scenarios
  • Adjust trading style to optimise execution performance



ADAPTIVE Benchmark for Dynamic Strategy

Dynamic strategy, CLSA’s most popular participation rate algorithm, is empowered with ADAPTIVE’s short-term price prediction model. It works best in high volatility and strong momentum market conditions by predicting the best available target price.


Client Services

Our agency-only model ensures that clients are at the heart of our business at CLSA. We provide broking services to more than 2,000 global asset management companies from 20 sales and research offices in Asia, Australia, Europe and the Americas.

We have established some of the largest specialised Asian, Australian and Japanese equity sales teams in Hong Kong, London and New York.


CLSA analysts write award-winning research on the companies, sectors, economies and trends shaping Asia today. Our research provides fund managers the most independent, original and tradable ideas from across multiple Asian markets.