Unfold the wings, crouch on the bar, flex thighs, wait for the sun, then at the opportune moment set off as high as you can into the sky. Swat the eagles out of your way and rise higher as the wild geese, cranes and vultures disappear below you. The hutch is the world, the world is the hutch. One small note of caution - should you hear that the whole pageantry of the year is awake and tingling near the edge of the sea, then it’ll be time to take one of those anti-hubris pills you’ll be keeping on your person all year.

Fire Rooster:
28 Jan 2017 – Feb 15 2018
31 Jan 1957 – 17 Feb 1958
Wood Rooster:
09 Feb 2005 – 28 Jan 2006
13 Feb 1945 – 01 Feb 1946
Water Rooster:
23 Jan 1993 – 09 Feb 1994
26 Jan 1933 – 13 Feb 1934
Metal Rooster:
05 Feb 1981 – 24 Jan 1982
08 Feb 1921 – 27 Jan 1922
Earth Rooster:
17 Feb 1969 – 05 Feb 1970
22 Jan 1909 – 09 Feb 1910

Augmenting your fortune:

Star-shaped pictures or objects

Lucky colours:



Trouble won't happen accidentally this year, the subtly-titled Blood-Blade star is passing through but not strong enough to cause major disruptions. Issues may arise from other areas – the level of disputation behind your back at work causing stress and so on. It's pretty clear, either sack anyone under you who murmurs ill, or wear your gelug, or Tibetan lama’s yellow hat, to work and sail through unafflicted.


Outgoing may be more than incoming this year, but it's not a bad sign. Finances are not going to get out of control and the money may be well spent. There's more than enough help in the cosmic cupboard to keep the wolves at bay, especially if you employ the goodwill coming down from the 'court'. Leverage some of that hierarchical status and power to the economic sphere.


If something began last year then it will develop this year. If it didn't and you're looking for someone, then concentrate your energies on the initial few months. The venerable and much mythologised White Tiger star is lurking in your area so stay far from women with angry tongues; they're all for stirring up rancour and are not bothered by which gender you are.


The bodies of your enemies lie beneath the city walls and rot in the gutters. Your sedan chair holds you above them as you arrive at the palace gates to receive your rewards. Change and challenge await and setbacks may occur, but the new toys on offer this year are for the keeping. Keep an eye on those not yet permitted to play with these baubles - the public acclaim that you enjoy could be just as easily turned against you.

Guiding hexagram from the Yi-Jing (Book of Changes)

Breakthrough. One must resolutely make the matter known at the court of the king. It must be announced truthfully. Danger. It is necessary to notify one's city. It does not further to resort to arms. It furthers one to undertake something.
The lake has risen up to heaven: the image of Breakthrough. Thus, the superior man dispenses riches downward and refrains from resting on his virtue.
Nine at the beginning means: mighty in the forward-striding toes. When one goes and is not equal to the task, one makes a mistake.
Mighty in the forward-striding toes you are the very model for the year of the (rescheduled) Olympics. Telling a rooster that there is nothing beneficial in resorting to arms is redundant. Keep in mind the rainfall of flowers that accompanies great and true speeches as you step up to the lectern. You are the Walter Mitty of the avian world.