With the Tai Sui sitting right on you, you’d be forgiven for thinking it’ll just be a year of tallows humour. While it’s not the year to be liver’n it up, there are some tasty filets to be had. The trick is to tread quietly and milk it for all it is worth. The Tai Sui may have you over a barrel, and by the shorthorns if you stick your neck out, so play the longhorn game lest you end up on your rump.

Metal Ox:
12 Feb 2021 – 31 Jan 2022
15 Feb 1961 – 04 Feb 1962
Earth Ox:
26 Jan 2009 – 13 Feb 2010
29 Jan 1949 – 16 Feb 1950
Fire Ox:
07 Feb 1997 – 27 Jan 1998
11 Feb 1937 – 30 Jan 1938
Wood Ox:
20 Feb 1985 – 08 Feb 1986
25 Jan 1925 – 12 Feb 1926
Water Ox:
03 Feb 1973 – 22 Jan 1974
06 Feb 1913 – 25 Jan 1914

Augmenting your fortune:

Heart-shaped pictures or objects

Lucky colours:



This is one area where the Tai Sui might wreak havoc if given the chance, and you’ll need to shoulder the load and beef up your health safeguards. A bit of yoga or Tai Chi to put a floor under that constitution of an ox. Steer yourself toward a good diet (a little cannibalism wouldn’t go astray here). Winter is coming, an end-of-year check up to make sure you hoof into the new one with just the right amount of fat marbled through that meat.


Sharpen your elbows bovines, don’t let the Tai Sui dissuade you from the loot that is on offer this year. You’ll not be going into hock, so knuckle down and steer yourself toward the opportunities that are out there - they’ll not come looking for you. The trick is to muzzle that massive heart of yours out of calculations that need udder concentration, or it may be hereford today, gone tomorrow.


If heifer there was a good time to be mooching around in the world of relationships and hedging your bets, this is it. Moisten up those cow eyes, twitch those withers and see what happens. Oddly enough, if you’re after strong relationships then you might want to stifle the instructions your heart is giving - much of the time that’ll be the Tai Sui talking through you.


You have the Imperial Canopy star visiting this year and that beneficent guest can be put to good use here. Traditionally used to shade an emperor or high official when being transported, look for opportunities in that sector, without necessarily changing positions. If a dome is being put over Hong Kong, or even just over a dai pai dong, there’ll be advancement in the air. Remember, if the bosses are going out into a rainstorm, you are their covered walkway.

Guiding hexagram from the Yi-Jing (Book of Changes)

Dispersion. Success. The king approaches his temple. It furthers one to cross the great water. Perseverance furthers.
The wind drives over the water: the image of Dispersion. Thus, the kings of old sacrificed to the Lord and built temples.
Six at the beginning means: he brings help with the strength of a horse. Good fortune.
It’s not quite the case that ‘kings of old sacrificed to the Lord and built temples’ means that your parents are going to serve you breakfast in bed each and every morning. Temples, horses and the kings of old means either you’ll be spending much of the year on set in a period piece, or there might be a nag called Kings of Old running at Happy Valley. For either eventuality, make sure the incense is prepared.