Have a little care with cooperative ventures in financial matters. Covering your friend’s fare on the chair lift to the Big Buddha is fine, but if he/she suggests that you buy him/her a ticket out of the airport on the way down the other side, you might sleep on it. If you’re about to go large on an investment, the returns may not come as quickly as you hope. For all else, a little effort on your part and this year should prove better than the last.

Metal Rat:
25 Jan 2020 – 11 Feb 2021
28 Jan 1960 – 14 Feb 1961
Earth Rat:
07 Feb 2008 – 25 Jan 2009
10 Feb 1948 – 28 Jan 1949
Fire Rat:
19 Feb 1996 – 06 Feb 1997
24 Jan 1936 – 10 Feb 1937
Wood Rat:
02 Feb 1984 – 19 Feb 1985
05 Feb 1924 – 24 Jan 1925
Water Rat:
15 Feb 1972 – 02 Feb 1973
18 Feb 1912 – 05 Feb 1913

Augmenting your fortune:

Pictures or objects with cross-hatching

Lucky colours:



No need to get out of bed early. In fact, you could delay the start of the year to April or May. The hangover from the Tai Sui connection last year might cause some complaints to linger, but with the warming year they should lessen. Numerous small afflictions and accidents may happen this year, so it’s up to you to ensure that they are confined to a nick from a knife while chopping vegetables for dinner, rather than a parachute failing on your first jump.


Your better stars this year are not aimed at pure money. Opportunities will be plentiful, but after much planning and hard work you may find yourself more or less back where you started. Not a year for living dangerously with your hard-earned dough, but some investing in education or further training may pay off later in the year.


You can come out of that hole you were in last year. It’s really a question of what kind of person you want to fall in love with and place in your heart. The spring winds are blowing and your whiskers are in the firing line. There’ll be no shortage of opportunities for emotional satisfaction if you make the effort - no more turning over the ‘lonely hearts’ section of the daily paper.


All rats should benefit from the lack of connection to the Tai Sui this year. The best opportunities are for those labouring in education or associated industries, everything from propaganda to kindergartens. Anywhere you’re surrounded by language could be put to good use. Unlike many other signs this year, the stars are happy for you to change jobs if a good one comes by.

Guiding hexagram from the Yi-Jing (Book of Changes)

The Power of the Great. Perseverance furthers.
Thunder in heaven above: the image of the Power of the Great. Thus, the superior man does not tread upon paths that do not accord with established order.
Nine in the fourth place means: perseverance brings good fortune. Remorse disappears. The hedge opens; there is no entanglement. Power depends upon the axle of a big cart.
The hedge opens, no entanglement: apparently you’ve been reborn as your quantum self and are entirely uncorrelated. A little industrial plastic surgery to insert a computer into you and you’ll be in high demand. It seems your power lead is connected to a small man pedalling a large bicycle. Later, you’ll wake from this dream and go to work, as usual.