You know those films that begin with someone dreaming about a world in which everyone likes them, people aren’t arguing, their work is smooth and their contributions appreciated by their seniors; romance, good times and good health follow them everywhere they go – and then the alarm goes off and they wake in a drab bedroom with water leaking in from the apartment above? Well, there’s no alarm clock in your cosmic charts this year.

Fire Monkey:
08 Feb 2016 – 27 Jan 2017
12 Feb 1956 – 30 Jan 1957
Wood Monkey:
22 Jan 2004 – 08 Feb 2005
25 Jan 1944 – 12 Feb 1945
Water Monkey:
04 Feb 1992 – 22 Jan 1993
06 Feb 1932 – 25 Jan 1933
Metal Monkey:
16 Feb 1980 – 04 Feb 1981
20 Feb 1920 – 07 Feb 1921
Earth Monkey:
30 Jan 1968 – 16 Feb 1969
02 Feb 1908 – 21 Jan 1909

Augmenting your fortune:

Triangular-shaped pictures or objects

Lucky colours:



Given the chance, your body will do all that you ask of it this year. Keep in mind that the cosmic body of much merriment, the star of Heavenly Delights, is inviting you to indulge in all invitations. There are a few small pesky stars hanging around that could affect family relationships and health so if one of your senior relatives invites you over for a glass of water and the re-watching of a 1980s sitcom, you might want to go from time to time.


Financial plans are likely to go awry this year and you may be better off without the fine detail. Not a bad year to find a comfortable branch to sit on and watch the financial jungle pass you by. Keep some emergency funds on hand for unexpected downturns in fortune, or unanticipated expenses in deals that you have going. Off the plan, there are some beneficial stars to be made use of and something unorthodox may come to fruition.


You weren’t sure that you could get even closer to the people you love? Even with social distancing, there are other ways to get close and you’re in a position to utilise all of them. It’s going to be a year of so many opportunities that even the traditional methods of tying yourself to a mast or retreating to a hidden cave on an unknown hillside are unlikely to dry up this spring.


Most monkeys should have a productive year at work and impressing those senior to you should result in rewards. You’re also well aspected for social relationships, so make good use of this for changing jobs, focusing on client interactions, and persuading those beneath you of the benefits they have under your aegis.

Guiding hexagram from the Yi-Jing (Book of Changes)

Before Completion. Success. But if after nearly completing the crossing the little fox gets his tail in the water, there is nothing that would further go.
Fire over water: the image of the condition before transition. Thus, the superior man is careful in the differentiation of things, so that each finds its place.
Six at the beginning means: he gets his tail in the water. Humiliating.
The fable of the careless fox who got his tail wet. A tale read to many young foxes in the den at night, all crowding around the last few mouthfuls of chicken, as a warning to take care in the wider world. But times have changed and foxes with wet tails are now part of inclusion programmes, you’d be careful to not believe what you were told.