Getting through this year will be by the billy-goat’s scruff, so you’ll be advised to not poke your neck out. This is a year of much change and whether it’s for the better or worse may take some time to tease out. It’ll help if you don’t take what happens to you personally. In the cosmic ebbs and flows, it won’t be long before you’re once again enjoying the patronage of lady luck and her travelling band of all-stars.

Wood Goat:
19 Feb 2015 – 07 Feb 2016
24 Jan 1955 – 11 Feb 1956
Water Goat:
01 Feb 2003 – 21 Jan 2004
05 Feb 1943 – 24 Jan 1944
Metal Goat:
15 Feb 1991 – 03 Feb 1992
17 Feb 1931 – 05 Feb 1932
Earth Goat:
28 Jan 1979 – 15 Feb 1980
01 Feb 1919 – 19 Feb 1920
Fire Goat:
09 Feb 1967 – 29 Jan 1968
13 Feb 1907 – 01 Feb 1908

Augmenting your fortune:

Pearl or round-shaped pictures or objects

Lucky colours:



On the odd chance you’re an astronaut and planning to spend the entire year suited up so that nothing can touch you, you will be all fine. In your spare time on the space station, watch re-runs of Gravity. For all other goats, a little care here this year please, surefooted you may be but they’re out to get you, whoever they are. Your digestive system is duly regarded as bulletproof, but metals and strange plants are not bullets.


Should you be one of the many goats who did not study hydrological engineering at university, a quick online course before the year turns may prove beneficial. In particular, see if you can study diversion strategies for large flows, not just into rivulets but into holding ponds. This year, wealth is well-aspected but you’re also clashing with the Tai Sui and some other wealth-destroying stars; money will flow, even gush, and the trick is going to be hanging on to it.


A fickle heart? You’re in the driver’s seat for this year of changeable emotions. Chrysippus teaches us that emotions can be false judgements so don’t let your first reactions necessarily be your conclusion. For the small number of libertine goats out there, the changing focus of emotional devotion may have real world consequences - you know what they are. For everyone else, keep an open mind.


As with wealth above, the possibility of promotion and a higher remuneration is certainly present, but so are the celestial aspects blocking it. Take care that an apparent promotion is not a move to sideline you from further rises. If you are elevated, try to take others along with you to lessen the squabbles that may ensue.

Guiding hexagram from the Yi-Jing (Book of Changes)

Increase. It furthers one to undertake something. It furthers one to cross the great water.
Wind and thunder: the image of Increase. Thus, if the superior man sees good, he imitates it; if he has faults, he rids himself of them.
Six in the third place means: one is enriched through unfortunate events. No blame, if you are sincere and walk in the middle, and report with a seal to the prince.
The mysterious workings of the universe may see you enriched by unfortunate events, but that’s not an inexorable invitation to be the primum mobile of those events. Make sure that you’re clear that ‘walking in the middle’ is not preventing you from walking closer to the edge on ferry gangways, the entire gangway is the middle.