There’ll be no slaying of dragons this year, but neither will one be sitting on the dragon throne. A small nugget of grief from dealing with the Tai Sui can be ameliorated by employing the good offices of the Heavenly Helper star, who is there to augment you in honesty and cooperation. Moving around is also good and either your home or work may play a part here.

Water Dragon:
23 Jan 2012 – 09 Feb 2013
27 Jan 1952 – 13 Feb 1953
Metal Dragon:
05 Feb 2000 – 23 Jan 2001
08 Feb 1940 – 26 Jan 1941
Earth Dragon:
17 Feb 1988 – 05 Feb 1989
23 Jan 1928 – 09 Feb 1929
Fire Dragon:
31 Jan 1976 – 17 Feb 1977
03 Feb 1916 – 22 Jan 1917
Wood Dragon:
13 Feb 1964 – 01 Feb 1965
16 Feb 1904 – 03 Feb 1905

Augmenting your fortune:

Oval-shaped pictures or objects

Lucky colours:



Perhaps you’ve been having too much water. Maybe it’s all those jewels you’ve been eating on your rounds. Perhaps the toad has gone on holiday and it’s somehow thrown your diet off. Whatever the case, take care with your digestive system this year. Also, be mindful that one of your visiting stars brings health problems via metal. It’s not strong but if you’re offered a position at the abattoirs this year, do politely decline.


Your prospects for adding a little height to your mountain of wealth this year are reasonable. As in most things this year, it’ll be a brighter outlook if you make good use of your best benevolent star, the Tai Yin, which brings assistance through women. Whether that’s taking the advice of a female colleague, or hocking your grandmother’s crochet down at the night market, it is in your hands.


A year without major upset to the heart can easily be achieved by heading to the nearest temple or nunnery for a twelve-month sabbatical. Should that not be practical, then the year is yours to enjoy with settled relations with most of those around you. Should you wish for something new and exciting, then we humbly suggest the last bus back from Ocean Park.


With all the interruptions to last year in mind, this year should show some decent prospects to those who are employed. If you want to climb the ladder at work, then take the elevator up. As attractive and empty as the climbing wall outside the building looks, it’s not in good repair. Be nice to those around you, it might just pay off.

Guiding hexagram from the Yi-Jing (Book of Changes)

The Abysmal repeated. If you are sincere, you have success in your heart and whatever you do will succeed.
Water flows uninterrupted and reaches its goal: the image of the Abysmal repeated. Thus, the superior man walks in lasting virtue and carries on the business of teaching.
Nine in the fifth place means: the abyss is not filled to overflowing, but only to the rim. No blame.
One never wants an overflowing abyss, as the master tells us of the warning vessel on the right: ‘I have heard of such a vessel: if empty it inclines; if half- full it is upright; and if completely full, it overturns’, ‘Alas! How indeed could there be complete fullness and no overturning!’ Protect the emptiness of your abyss and success is yours.