The Tai Sui is still shadowing you this year, but after how close he got last year it may seem that you can no longer feel his breath on your neck. If there are to be small irritations this year it will be, as Sartre once noted, that hell is other people. Working from home or having the job change to communication via sign-language could both be beneficial. If continuing as usual, then give more attention to not getting other people offside.

Wood Horse:
31 Jan 2014 – 18 Feb 2015
03 Feb 1954 – 23 Jan 1955
Water Horse:
12 Feb 2002 – 31 Jan 2003
15 Feb 1942 – 04 Feb 1943
Metal Horse:
27 Jan 1990 – 14 Feb 1991
30 Jan 1930 – 16 Feb 1931
Earth Horse:
07 Feb 1978 – 27 Jan 1979
11 Feb 1918 – 31 Jan 1919
Fire Horse:
21 Jan 1966 – 08 Feb 1967
25 Jan 1906 – 12 Feb 1907

Augmenting your fortune:

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Lucky colours:



Sleepless in Hong Kong? Opportunities for all forms of merriment will be passing by in front of you this year. No need to be a neigh-sayer and abjure all that fun. Take part in what you will and keep an eye on the feedback your body is giving. There are no nasties lurking, but the way to prevent anything serious breaking out is to nip it in the bud.


Most of your chances for wealth, deserved or undeserved, are going to come through your work. Perhaps it would be wise to stick a post-it note on the fridge reminding you that 'brown paper bags are for sandwich lunches'; after all, you don't want your upcoming wealth to be measured in single cigarettes and small cell phones from where the sun doesn’t shine. Don't horse around. Much as various red tapes nag you, small advances remain possible.


Check the post, you should be finding invitation after invitation, but much of it may end up being smoke and mirrors. Despite the action, it is unlikely that lasting regard will come of this year. You have the Salt-Water Peach Blossom star visiting. So enjoy your speed-dating and try not to leave too many broken hearts behind.


With the conflict you had last year with the Tai Sui receding in the spring, you'll find the chances of advancement rising commensurably. You'll also find that hoof reaching down from on high to give you a leg up. This may cause some consternation in the ranks so it'll be in your interest to make sure that your advancement doesn’t leave too many bodies in its wake.

Guiding hexagram from the Yi-Jing (Book of Changes)

Oppression. Success. Perseverance. The great man brings about good fortune. No blame. When one has something to say, it is not believed.
There is no water in the lake: the image of Exhaustion. Thus, the superior man stakes his life on following his will.
Nine in the fifth place means: his nose and feet are cut off. Oppression at the hands of the man with the purple knee bands. Joy comes softly. It furthers one to make offerings and libations.
'The knee-covers of a ruler were of vermilion colour; those of a great officer, white; and of another officer, purple - all of leather; and might be rounded, slanting, and straight. Those of the son of Heaven were straight (and pointed at all the corners); of the prince of a state, square both at bottom and top; of a Great officer, square at the bottom, with the corners at the top rounded off; and of another officer, straight both at bottom and top'. In other words, pay attention to how those at work dress, and proceed accordingly.