Stay in the den if you wish, and only come out to hunt down the basic necessities. There’s not a great variety of pickings out there. Don’t doze off though - you’re hosting a small cohort of stars that while not overly malevolent, will ensure that, given the chance, life will pass you. You’re unlikely to get money back from those you know in 2021, so lend either for next year, or at the end of this year. The early bird gets the worm, and you’re a tiger - you know what you have to do.

Metal Tiger:
14 Feb 2010 – 02 Feb 2011
17 Feb 1950 – 05 Feb 1951
Earth Tiger:
28 Jan 1998 – 15 Feb 1999
31 Jan 1938 – 18 Feb 1939
Fire Tiger:
09 Feb 1986 – 28 Jan 1987
13 Feb 1926 – 01 Feb 1927
Wood Tiger:
23 Jan 1974 – 10 Feb 1975
26 Jan 1914 – 13 Feb 1915
Water Tiger:
05 Feb 1962 – 24 Jan 1963
08 Feb 1902 – 28 Jan 1903

Augmenting your fortune:

Pictures or objects with straight lines

Lucky colours:



No afflictions in your chart that loom large as a warning. Even your notoriously delicate limbs should have a year free of trouble, a fine result considering all the pawing that you get up to. Some forethought given to whom you eat this year will determine the type of indigestion you have. Next year will bring the challenges of a tiger year, so spend this one preparing yourself.


A year to rest on your laurels should you wish, but there’s more meat on the bones to be had. The sage may have said that it’s a pleasure when friends come from afar, but it’s even better when wealth does. This year it’s arriving with the Tai Yang star, associated with fire. Whether that’s a nice sum waiting for you in an associated industry, such as telecommunications, or coming through an auspicious connection, you’ll need to keep your eyes out for this rare chance while being wary of friends bearing gifts.


For the small number of you tying the knot this year, it should be just fine. Pick your date and partner, and watch the love grow. For those already in relationships, it’ll be the chance to polish up your vows and self-control. For those looking for a significant other, it may be like going to a buffet only to find that they’ve prepared every possible dish you love; it might be time to revisit your new year’s resolution to not consume too much.


Relationships at work should be smooth. The prospect of advancement not so much: there may be an opportunity to rise higher, but without the remuneration to go with it. It’s a time to put dreams on hold and stand fast in the way of setbacks. If there’s a life raft floating by, then make use of it - it’s the final year of water flooding through. Remain optimistic and prepare for next year.

Guiding hexagram from the Yi-Jing (Book of Changes)

The Family. The perseverance of the woman furthers.
Wind comes forth from fire: the image of the Family. Thus the superior man has substance in his words and duration in his way of life.
Nine at the top means: his work commands respect. In the end, good fortune comes.
Women’s perseverance may go farther, but this is a good year to get close to senior men, in family or work. Put your nose to the grindstone and keep it there. Polish it up and you can use it as a beacon next year when you get a job in a lighthouse. Good fortune may also come then, as the treasure ships find your light irresistible.