You might be forgiven for thinking that there are now two zodiacs, one with eleven animals over there and you, here. It’s not that they’ve forsaken you, it’s just that much of this year you’ll be relying on yourself. The good news is that you’ve nothing drastic coming at you, small gains are possible in most areas and they’ll invariably come through your own hard work.

Earth Pig:
05 Feb 2019 – 24 Jan 2020
08 Feb 1959 – 27 Jan 1960
Fire Pig:
18 Feb 2007 – 06 Feb 2008
22 Jan 1947 – 09 Feb 1948
Wood Pig:
31 Jan 1995 – 18 Feb 1996
04 Feb 1935 – 23 Jan 1936
Water Pig:
13 Feb 1983 – 01 Feb 1984
16 Feb 1923 – 04 Feb 1924
Metal Pig:
27 Jan 1971 – 14 Feb 1972
30 Jan 1911 – 17 Feb 1912

Augmenting your fortune:

Wave-shaped objects

Lucky colours:



It also looks like you’ll be moving much more this year - it could be moving house or it could just be that the bus stop is cancelled on account of road works and you have to walk to the next stop. The extra exercise will do you no harm. As you know, more than 90% of accidents happen close to home, so the stars are telling you to come and go with care, in disguise, or never go home at all.


A lot of trotting around for a small return. Mostly this is fine as pigs are happy to move, and meeting people and talking by the trough are your bread and butter. For those of you who were thinking of buying a coffee, hanging up a shingle on a footpath in Central and waiting for benefactors to throw some loose change into your cup, this is not your year. Whatever bacon you bring home will be through your own hard work.


Apparently, all the new people in the world you might meet have cancelled, or they’ll appear as dull and remote. If you’re looking to set your heart on fire, then some of the embers from years past could be rekindled. There’s not a great deal of stellar assistance in the chart, but there’s also no harm in enjoying a mostly uneventful, static year without rancour and argument.


A promotion every year just gets tiresome, so expect a little variety this year before normal service is resumed. If you seek to move up, you might find that the better opportunities lie elsewhere, perhaps halfway around the world, perhaps a chance meeting at lunchtime with the headhunter who spills his drink on your food as he pushes past you in the queue. Be alert to the chance, or kick back and concentrate on other areas.

Guiding hexagram from the Yi-Jing (Book of Changes)

Influence. Success. Perseverance furthers. To take a maiden to wife brings good fortune.
A lake on the mountain: the image of Influence. The superior man encourages people to approach him by his readiness to receive them.
Six at the top means: the influence shows itself in the jaws, cheeks and tongue.
Jaws, cheeks and tongue suggest that you’re either on the verge of becoming a soprano, or marrying into European royalty and adopting that famous jawline. Otherwise, in these days of video calls, it might just be that you are getting a little too close to the camera. Step back and show a little neck, it’ll not be cut off this year.