The ears droop a little more, the dewlap gets a little floppier. Yet what’s the point of having a dewlap if you can’t line your nest with all that warm fur? Considering the year that has passed, breaking even and having nothing untoward come to pass should be counted for the blessing it is. Enjoy that nest, spruce up the passages in the warren, and clean out the hutch; all is good.

Metal Rabbit:
03 Feb 2011 – 22 Jan 2012
06 Feb 1951 – 26 Jan 1952
Earth Rabbit:
16 Feb 1999 – 04 Feb 2000
19 Feb 1939 – 07 Feb 1940
Fire Rabbit:
29 Jan 1987 – 16 Feb 1988
02 Feb 1927 – 22 Jan 1928
Wood Rabbit:
11 Feb 1975 – 30 Jan 1976
14 Feb 1915 – 02 Feb 1916
Water Rabbit:
25 Jan 1963 – 12 Feb 1964
29 Jan 1903 – 15 Feb 1904

Augmenting your fortune:

Sunflower-shaped pictures or objects

Lucky colours:



If you don’t move a muscle they won’t move for you. Were it possible to stay entirely still you could pass through the year in exactly the same shape you enter it, not a whisker or bristle out of place. Nothing bad on the horizon and nothing wonderful to hand. Closer to home, a gaggle of mischievous stars is hanging around. Swat them away as soon as they rear their heads and look forward to the following year.


It’s summer, you’re lying back on the grass and all you can see drifting across the sky are large carrots. Without warning, one of them lands close to you. You nibble, and happily it’s the taste you’ve been seeking. Eating through the carrot you discover a small jewel inside. This year, wealth may come unbidden, not a year to chase it too earnestly.


After the heady rush of last year, with emotions flying all through the warrens, this year is going to seem a little more sedate and settled. The first few months will still offer the opportunities that abounded last year, but you’ll have to make the effort to being them to fruition; if you want to eat the grapes they’ll be in the kitchen; they won’t be dropping from the rafters any more. For those who want to spend time alone, this could be your year.


The pressure at work this year should not be too high, but scope for advancement is there. Danger looms in the first half, as unexpected issues occur, especially with companies or people outside your own. This may include all those headhunters who may just want to serve you up to the banquet as food rather than as a guest this year. If it looks like bait and smells like bait...

Guiding hexagram from the Yi-Jing (Book of Changes)

The Gentle. Success through what is small. It furthers one to have somewhere to go. It furthers one to see the great man.
Winds following one upon the other: the image of the Gently Penetrating. Thus the superior man spreads his commands abroad and carries out his undertakings.
Nine in the fifth place means: perseverance brings good fortune. Remorse vanishes. Nothing that does not further. No beginning, but an end. Before the change, three days. After the change, three days. Good fortune.
Do nothing and nothing will not be done, so says the sage. In my end is my beginning, replies the poet. The secret to success is not 10,000 hours but simply turning up, day after day. As the yarrow stalks suggest, take this year one week at a time.